3M Springboard Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Men’s 3m Synchronized Springboard Event Gold.

3M Springboard Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On Wednesday, China beat out Brazil in the men’s synchronised 3-meter springboard final at the Tokyo Olympics.

3M Springboard Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The 25-year-old Xie Siyi and the 19-year-old Wang Zongyuan scored a combined 467.82 to top the scores of the American and German pairs.

“The battlefield is just another place where Xie’s natural reserve shines through. His undivided attention to each tournament is something I greatly like “remarked Wang over the course of the conversation.

Xie Compares Wang to a Promising Young adult who can “match with Foreign Diving Greats.”

China’s diving team won seven gold medals in the Rio Olympics, although they came in third place in the men’s synchronised 3-meter springboard event.

It gives the impression that the two trained together for quite some time, but that is not the case.

Having been teamed together in 2020, they achieved a record-breaking score of 504.24 points in Tokyo to claim victory.

“In the springboard diving competition, we typically only have the most seasoned divers take part. But Wang Zhongyuan is a very skilled diver, so he was able to make it in the nick of time “Zhang Yonggang, his trainer, claims he has a lot of potential.

And while the young athlete’s debut on the international stage at the Olympics went off without a hitch, Xie has been waiting for this moment for the past five years after he was forced to skip Rio due to a foot injury.

“I’ve been tortured by this sport innumerable times, but I treat it as my first love,” Xie remarked in an interview, recalling the difficult periods in his career.