How To ’53.Com/Activate’ Guide

Now if you do not know about the Fifth Third Bank Card then let us tell you a little bit about it. Fifth Third Bank is the principal subsidiary. Well of what you might ask? It is the principal subsidiary of the very well-known Fifth Third Bancorp. It is one of the largest banks that you are going to find anywhere in the United States.

Well, don’t believe us? Well maybe then you are going to believe the numbers and stats that are present. It now has more than 1,150 branches all over the country. It had got quite a lot of fame too.

The company had been run on a poll and they had been ranked as the 366th on the Fortune 500 in 2018. A lot of people all across the country had been associated with it. Many households and many families gave put their faith in this company. So we are also bound to be sure that the demand for their services are also a lot.


It had also been seen that they offer a lot of good services and useful features along with their cards. That had attracted a lot of attention from the general public.

If you are someone who just got one of their cards and now you need to activate it then you are in the perfect place. This is exactly the article that you need to know all about the activation of the card.

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How To Activate Fifth Third Bank Card using Activate ?

Well there are ways in which you can activate your card. There are two ways to be exact. One is the online method Where you can easily activate it from your smart phone or your computer and then we have the phone method where you can call a number and then follow a certain amount of steps in order to complete the method.

These two are the steps that can be accessed from home itself if you have a smart phone and a good internet connection. There is not a lot of stuff that is required for the activation process. We have included both of them in this article obviously because it is indeed a good thing to have options being present in case one of them failed.

So make sure that you read both of them. Without making any waste of time, let us get started on the guide. We are sure that if you just got the card then you might want to activate it as soon as possible so that you can use it earlier too.

Steps to 53.Com/Activate Debit Card Online

Here are the steps that you will need to follow in order to activate the Fifth Third Debit card online. We are sure that some of you are going to be confused with the steps but take your time and read through the steps one at a time.

Do not try to hurry and skip on to the steps. We are sure that you will figure it out. Follow the instructions and you will be just fine –

Step 1: Open a web browser and go to the Fifth Third activation page. Click on Activate Card option present on the page. You will be taken to a page where you will need to enter the user ID and the password.

Step 2: Well needless to say you will then need to enter the user ID and the password for your card that they had been asking for.

Step 3: Then you will come across a lot of on-screen prompts that you will need to follow and complete. This is a fairly easy process and it’s just a few confirmations that you have to give. With just a few clicks this will be completed.

That’s it. That’s all you need to do to activate your debit card online. Now let’s move on to the next process or method.

Steps to 53.Com/Activate Debit Card through Phone Number

If you don’t want to do it online then you can do it on the phone. You just need to follow these steps in order to activate your Fifth Third Debit card. So follow the instructions that we are providing and you will be able to complete the activation process in no time –

Step 1: The first step is that you need to keep all your personal and card info handy because you will require to verify that you are the rightful owner of the card so keep all the things required at hand.

Step 2: Now you can go ahead and call the card Activation number that they have. It should be 800 621 2554 according to the extent of our knowledge.

Step 3: When you call this number you will have to follow some prompts to talk to a customer representative. Then it is the duty of the customer representative to guide you. They will be asking for certain information. You need to give it to them so that the process can be completed.

Step 4: They will be verifying the fact that whether the info that you have provided is correct and whether you are the rightful owner of the card for security reasons. After confirming it they will activate the card for you.

That’s it. Your card is now successfully activated.

Steps to Apply for 53.Com/Activate Debit Card

Here are the steps –

Step 1: Open the Fifth Third home page on a web browser and then click on the Banks option. Click Debit cards from the menu that opens.

Step 2: Then from the list, you need to select the kind of Debit card you want. There are two options that will be provided. FIND A BRANCH or CALL 800 972 3030.

Step 3: You can choose either of the ones according to your preference. After following the on-screen prompts that appear you will be provided with your desired Debit card.

Steps to Apply for 53.Com/Activate Credit Card

Here are the steps that you need to follow –

Step 1: Go to a web browser and open the Fifth Third home page. Click on the Banks option from the screen and select a Credit card from the drop down menu.

Step 2: There you will get a form that asks your three questions. These questions need to be answered. It is a must requirement. After filling them up click on the continue button.

Step 3: Then follow the on screen prompts that appear and your request will be verified and then you will get your credit card. Isn’t the process really simple? Well, it is quite easy to carry out.

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We hope that this article had been useful to you. We have given our best to make it as simple as possible for anyone to understand. The steps are also written in a simple language that will help the people whose first language is not English to understand and execute the steps properly.

We do hope that you are successful in your application for the card, whichever one it might be according to your requirement. We are really in a good mood because we could be of some use to you and in helping you. Now it must be noted that if you are facing some kind of problem with the application then you can contact a professional or someone who can help you out in person.

We are just here to help you through the internet. Do leave some kind of feedback for us if you ended up benefiting from this article. Thank you so much once again. Take care guys!