A. Norén Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Norén Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Alex Noren want men to be inspired by Maja Stark and Linn grant because “The Swedish Girls are very, very Strong.”

The Swedish women’s golf team is on the cusp of something big. Anna Nordqvist, who followed in the footsteps of the famous Annika Sorenstam, won three major championships, the most recent being the Open Championship in 2021.

A. Norén Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The cycle of success continues as Linn Grant and Maja Stark make their names known with major victories and Alex Noren believes the men’s game can improve.

A. Norén Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Alex Noren has urged the Swedish men’s team to learn from the success of the women’s team.

At number 55 on the men’s rankings, Noren is Sweden’s best player, with Alexander Bjork coming in at number 170.

Despite the fact that Henrik Stenson won the Open in 2016, he is still the only Swede to ever win a major.

In contrast, Sweden ranks third among countries with the most major championship victories by female players. Annika Sorenstam, the country’s all-time great, won 10 of the country’s 16 titles, but the country’s steady stream of talent keeps rolling with Anna Nordqvist’s Open victory in 2021 and others on the horizon.

Maja Stark won the ISPS Handa World Invitational with a roaring victory just last week, and earlier this year, Linn Grant triumphed against the men to win a mixed event.

Noren believes he can accomplish even more in the sport, and he would want to see the men’s game model itself after the women’s.

When asked why there aren’t more Swedish golfers towards the top of the global rankings, Noren told Eurosport, “I think the Nordic and Scandinavian golf scene is a little bit odd.” Norwegian (Viktor) Hovland, the Finnish and Danish militaries, and the Danish and Finnish militaries are all on the rise.

While the Swedish are more Important to me, I am Pleased for all the Countries Involved.

There are many wonderful people in my life, and I hope they all succeed to the fullest extent of their abilities. In the same vein, I believe we are capable of even more. As a fan of the Tour, I’d love to see a 16-year-old perform exceptionally well at a tournament.

“The Swedish girls are very, very powerful,” Noren added, referring to the accomplishments of players like Nordqvist, Grant, and Stark.

It would be Great to see the Guys get there.

A little push from the ladies can help the gents step up their game.

To my surprise, when I contacted the national team, I learned that the women’s team gets started earlier and tougher on training than the men’s.

Why they don’t do it with the boys is beyond me when it clearly works with the girls. They’re probably about to get started right now.


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