Aleksander Aamodt Kilde 2022 Winter Olympics

Favorite downhill event at the Olympics For skiers, Kilde is the epitome of strength and power.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde 2022 Winter Olympics

An unnatural occurrence. A monster. Ironman. The skiing equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde 2022 Winter Olympics

For his extraordinary pain tolerance and record-breaking strength in the weight room, Aleksander Aamodt Kilde has earned all of these nicknames and more.

As a result, the Norwegian is widely considered to be the best bet to win Sunday’s Olympic downhill event and take home the gold medal.

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Teammate Kjetil Jansrud Commented, “He’s always been like that.”

For as long as he has been a member of the team, “he has been the leading star when it comes to this whole kind of physical element of our training….” For him, that’s a huge plus. His energy reserves are unique.

Furthermore, Kilde’s big, sculpted legs gain the muscle strength to propel him into the tightest turns on downhill courses while still in an aerodynamic tuck.

When other skiers are forced low and off the race line by gravity, Kilde instead digs in and holds constant, reaping the benefits of his agonisingly painful extra sets of repetitions throughout the summer.

In the world of skiing, Kilde’s power is famous. He can bench press more than 300 pounds (almost 150 kilogrammes) and squat nearly 500 pounds (220 kilogrammes).

Norway’s Squad Trainer, Daniel Tangen, called Kilde “a Freak of Nature.”

If you’re talking about physical training, he’s the man. Basically, he’s the ideal sportsman. He excels in every way possible and is an incredible physical specimen. His anaerobic power, as well as his endurance, amazes me.

Kilde tore his ACL in a training accident a year ago, but his penchant for rigorous exercise allowed him to quickly recover and return to peak form. He shared an Instagram post of a workout he had with his fiancĂ©e, Mikaela Shiffrin, who is now leading the women’s World Cup in overall standings.

Then there was the occasion in 2020 when he posted a video of himself performing a “legday” and pulling a huge set of weights across the floor using a rope.

It’s no surprise that he’s dominated the World Cup circuit this year, taking home three victories in downhill and super-G.

Despite being the past overall World Cup champion, Kilde has never taken home a medal at a major tournament. It looks like that will change in the next several days at the Beijing Olympics.

Kilde Admitted, “I do feel some Pressure.”

There has been a lot of pressure all year long, with solid performances in every race. This race will be no different. It’s been a fantastic year, and I’ve been under a lot of pressure from all directions (even internal ones) from the very beginning.

Following his dominating performance in Friday’s second downhill training session, Kilde is primed to give Norway back-to-back victories in skiing’s biggest race for the first time since 2014, when Aksel Lund Svindal and Jansrud finished first and second, respectively, in Pyeongchang.

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Jansrud Remarked, “Well, he’s Powerful Enough to Accomplish it, Definitely.”

I think the onus of expectation is on him after such a successful season. However, he has managed the pressure well during the World Cup. Now, I don’t see it as a problem at all. Defending the accolades is something he is prepared to do.

As a result of a mishap in Colorado in December, the cruciate ligament in Jansrud’s knee was injured, and he announced the end of his season. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite at his best in Beijing, but he recovered quickly.

After missing a gate in training and finishing nearly four seconds behind Kilde, Jansrud stated, “I don’t feel like there’s that much downhill in the body.” I’ve been away for so long that my speed and strength have diminished.

Due to the epidemic, no racers have ever competed on this course before, hence it is thought that a newcomer or a younger competitor could have a better chance of winning. But Kilde thinks he is more prepared for the new test than anyone else because of his present form and fitness.

The way you deal with challenges changes depending on your fitness level, he explained. Therefore, “I have faith and am prepared to act.”