C. Younousse Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Cherif and Ahmed have faith in the system.

The triumph of the Qatari team was the result of a lot of hard work, patience, and discipline.

C. Younousse Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

C. Younousse Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Cherif Younousse and Ahmed Tijan’s qualifying for Tokyo 2020 was far from assured at the start of the 2021 beach volleyball season, when they were only a hair’s breadth over the tentative Olympic ranking cut-off line. No one knew what kind of season the two Qataris were about to have.

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And this Season has been Great Overall.

The year began with the team’s first ever FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour gold medal win. Even though they were playing in their home city of Doha and the event only had one star, they still won gold. Then, at the 4-star Doha event, they underachieved, but still advanced to the quarterfinals.

In contrast, Cherif and Ahmed won the third Cancun tournament and reached the finals in five of the next six 4-star events they entered. After such a remarkable run, they entered the Tokyo Olympics as the top-ranked team in the FIVB.

Hard work, Forbearance, and Self-Control Brought Success.

We had faith in our abilities because we saw the possibilities. We worked on improving our playing year after year so that our emotions could be fully expressed.

Thus, each year we would strive to assess the previous year’s failures. Cherif gushed to Volleyball World about how well the team was doing.

This was not a Simple task.

It takes a lot of time. There was no beginning to it at this time. In 2012, it all began. It was taxing on the mind and body.

The formation of this squad took a good six or seven years. And yet, we have faith in the procedure. The journey will undoubtedly be fraught with challenges and setbacks. But we persevered and are grateful to be here.

Cherif meant the Olympic podium in Tokyo in 2020 when he said “here.” The bronze medal won by the Qatari team was the first Olympic beach volleyball medal for Qatar.

The 26-year-old Player went on to say,

“We had a terrific sense that we were going to get something, because before the event we were declared as number one in the World Ranking.” That was another motivating factor for us to take the field.

Because of a loss to the world champions, we were unable to go to the final round. To lose to such a worthy opponent is a good thing, in my opinion.

The people of Qatar are currently experiencing a period of enormous happiness. That we made them so proud is exactly what we set out to do. Finally, our hopes and wishes have come true, and for that we are eternally grateful.

We’ll be remembered for ages, and so will Qatar’s contribution to the sport of beach volleyball. Beach volleyball in Qatar is a well-known sport worldwide.

To Achieve that was the Plan.

Contrarily, this isn’t where we began. There has always been a beach volleyball academy in Norway; it wasn’t established until recently. Same goes with Qatar.

We have all the facilities. We finally made it here, although it took us eight years. Do you have any idea what we’re talking about? We have finally found success, but the race is far from over.

Cherif predicted that they would win an Olympic or world title within the next three years. It may have sounded unlikely at the time, but they were actually among the favourites to win the Olympic gold in Tokyo in 2020.

The next FIVB World Championship is barely a year away, yet they only managed to win bronze. Is this the time when they’ll actually follow through on their word?

When asked, Cherif Responded with a Positive.

We’ve been discussing this at the fitness centre. Imagine we win an Olympic or world championship one day.

And our trainer told us, “You guys got it!” We simply accepted it and trusted it. Now that we’ve passed this milestone, though, our focus must go to next year’s World Championship and the Paris Olympics.

The Oddsmakers see us as a top Contender at the World Cup.

The competition in beach volleyball is fierce, making it difficult to pick a victor. Anyone in the top 15 has a legitimate shot of winning a world title or an Olympic gold medal.

For the time being, we will focus on improving our performance from this season.

Cherif once looked up to some of the game’s greatest beach volleyball players. He has the idea that his time has arrived to serve as an example to the younger generation that will eventually replace him.

My Role Model, Alison, was Knocked out of the Competition Early.

Along with Phil, he was my favourite player. In other words, they were both absent. The thing is, this is sports. In addition to new, young teams, Cherif also noted that the sport itself was expanding rapidly.

I’m going to go through it too. One day, a new generation will come along and eliminate me from Olympic competition. Sometimes, that’s all there is to it.

One of these days, maybe the guy who looks up to me now may surpass me in 10 years. My first exposure to the Olympic Games was in 2012, while watching coverage of London, and four years later I found myself in Rio.

I got up at seven every morning, went to the gym when everyone else was asleep, gave up a lot of things, and went through a lot of ups and downs to get here. And we didn’t give up because we had faith in that.

Our team, My Coworker, and I, kept at it.

Regardless of how many times we finished in the bottom ten (or seventeen), our federation never abandoned us.

Our loved ones are very proud of us because they see how much effort we put in and how much we gave up to be where we are now.

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I had my First Child this Year.

My son is now 11 months old, and in the short four months that I was his primary caregiver, he grew into quite the little guy.

I know that leaving them was a sacrifice on my part, and I can’t help but think about it often. However, the sacrifice was worthwhile.