10 Ways to Fix Discord Won’t Open Error

Discord is a free audio, video, and text chat programme that won’t open. This can be used by children above the age of 13, teenagers, and adults. This project was created to bring individuals together via their shared passion for gaming.

Furthermore, the Discord app is a Voice over IP (VoIP) programme. It’s also a digital platform for the dissemination of designs for a wide range of activities, such as audio communication, video game communities, and so on.


It’s also written in JavaScript, React, Elixir, and Rust and is available in twenty-seven languages. In May of 2015, Discord was made available to the general public. The Discord server can also generate a voice chat channel.

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Every Discord user, on the other hand, has a four-digit id (known as the personal identification discriminator) and a “#” symbol following their username.

After that, users might have the same username as their friends, making it easy to find them. Users can link their Discord server to their Twitch or other gaming service accounts.

The Markdown syntax in the Discord app partially allows rich text. The Discord uses the opus audio format, which is low-latency and optimised to compress speech. Discord has also gained popularity in Esports and LAN events.

Nowadays, the majority of people engage in gaming activities; most of them use gaming as a stress reliever, and they enjoy playing it since it distracts them from their issues with materialistic things in life.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, Linux, and any online browser. Every Discord user has a four-digit personal identifying id discriminator, which begins with a “#” and ends with a “#.”

Users of I, on the other hand, can simply locate pals and obtain a username. Even though these servers do not map to standard virtual servers due to their distributed nature, the chats can be performed utilising numerous servers and channels, comparable to Internet Relay Chat.

The servers can control public visibility and access to the Discord app, as well as expand the number of channels available. According to current estimates, it has been utilised by millions of people, with the total number of users exceeding 250 million.

Extraordinary Features of Discord

Every app has unique traits that set it apart from the competition. This software, too, includes a variety of options to demonstrate distinction. Discord allows you to speak with a small or large group at the same time, and you can invite as many people as you like.

Furthermore, numerous servers can be set up to speak with different persons, and users can be invited to a server using a unique URL. You can also create channels, limit the number of participants, and mute certain individuals as needed. Each participant’s own loudness can be set.

Discord is available on a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. It is, however, accessible to the user; after all, it is available on a variety of platforms. Despite this, the individual can readily use it. Meanwhile, those who are unaware of it might become aware of it because it is available on a variety of apps.

Free of charge – For the most part Discord is a text and voice chat tool for gamers that is free to use. Similarly, it allows you to easily build multiple servers and interact with as many people as you wish. While interacting with people, you learn more about them, and it also aids in breaking down communication barriers. It is also free, so it can be utilised by the majority of people.

Multitasking – It is utilised for a variety of tasks such as gaming, video chatting, text talking, group chatting, and breaking down communication boundaries. It links people from all over the world during its entire mission.

In the meanwhile, it can be simply handled because the software is basic and understandable to the user.

Discord Won’t Open Error: How to Resolve

When using the app, the user may encounter issues. Because it is available on the Windows platform, the Windows Discord client will occasionally not open and messages will not be shown.

Nothing except a plain background will appear on the screen when you click on the executable file. The user tries rebooting and reinstalling the app, but it doesn’t appear to help.

There are a number of different options for resolving the issue. Try all of the methods given below. Read about how we fixed the Discord Mic Not Working Error.

 1. Download and Install the Discord

Meanwhile, the Discord won’t open issue could be caused by an out-of-date app. The issue may occur because the app’s older version has several flaws. This bug prevents users from using the app. The problem is fixed with the upgrade. So, alter the software and make a more complex version.

Furthermore, users must upgrade the app to resolve the issue. The problem can be solved by updating the app. It explicitly refreshes and alters the programme.

2. Repairing a Corrupt System File 

There are numerous files that are damaged or missing. To retrieve data, repair the corrupted files. To fix the corrupted files, download and run Reimage Plus.

Scan for any corrupted files that are currently present. Repair the files that were determined to be corrupted or missing. It’s possible that the problem will be resolved. If that doesn’t work, try an other approach.

 3. Complete the Task

It’s possible that the app isn’t showing up because it hasn’t begun yet. Despite the fact that the programme starts, it continues to operate in the background. So that the user must first locate the programme, then stop the process and restart the app, which has fixed the problem for the majority of users.

The steps for terminating the background Discord process are as follows:

Step 1: To open the task manager, press and hold CTRL, SHIFT, and ESC (i.e. CTRL + SHIFT + ESC).

Step 2: Next, choose the Process tab.

Step 3: Then, while going through the list, look for Discord.exe.

Step 4: After selecting Discord.exe, click the End Task button.

Step 5: In the meantime, only one Discord.exe process should be running, although some users had numerous Discord.exe processes running.

As a result, repeat the procedure for each Discord.exe process on the list.

Another option is to:

As a result, there is a different method of method. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: To open the Run box, press the Win+R keys together.

Step 2: Next, type “cmd” and hit enter.

Step 3: In the Command Prompt, type “taskkill/F/IM Discord.exe” and hit Enter.

As a result, the Discord.exe task will be terminated. After that, reload the Discord client and everything should be OK.

 4. Delete the contents of the AppData Folder

Here’s another way to fix the Discord won’t launch problem. Because the above technique failed to yield results, it’s time to try this method: uninstall and reinstall the Discord App. Reinstalling the app will not solve the problem.

However, most users find that uninstalling the app and deleting the AppData content file is the best approach. Then, to fix the problem, delete the AppData contents. The content, on the other hand, may contain a corrupt file that causes the programme to malfunction.

The following are the steps to delete the contents of the AppData folder:

Step 1: Press R while holding down the Window key.

Step 2: Next, type appwiz.cpl and click OK.

Step 3: In the meantime, look through the list for the Discord app. Then, to remove Discord from your system, pick it and click the uninstall option.

Discord cannot be uninstalled if a message shows on the screen. It implies the Discord server is already up and running. To terminate the Discord task, follow the actions outlined in step 3. Uninstall the app when you’re finished.

Step 4: Re-open the Run box.

Step 5: Now hit R while holding down the Windows key.

Step 6: Then, in the search box, type “percent appdata percent” and press Enter.

Step 7: Now find the Discord folder and pick Delete from the context menu. Any more prompts should be confirmed.

Step 8: Restart your computer after you’ve finished.

Once you’ve logged in again, you’ll need to reinstall the programme. The issue of Discord not beginning will be resolved by reinstalling the app.

5. Delete DNS Records

Many times, the issue is caused by DNS. Because of faulty settings, the DNS sometimes can’t connect to the internet.

Although DNS is an important component of any application, if it interferes with the Discord app’s functionality, the software may not function properly. So, if you want your DNS to work properly, you should reset it. Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Hold down the “Windows + R” keys at the same time.

Step 2: After that, type “cmd” and hit enter.

Step 3: Following that, Press enter once more after typing “ipconfig/flushdns.”

Step 4: Finally, finish the procedure.

Step 5: After that, open the Discord application. This will put an end to the problem.

The problem may be resolved by resetting DNS, and the application may resume normal operation.

 6. Disable the Proxy Server

Proxy servers and VPNs, on the other hand, cause problems. Using VPNs or proxy servers while using Discord may cause it to misbehave. As a result, the app may not launch properly. Furthermore, we strongly advise you to disable the entire proxy server. Then, in order for the application to work properly, restart it.

 7. Detect the Contents of LocalAppData

Many users are having problems with Discord not opening. They are unable to access Discord because their PCs’ link blockers are enabled. Above all, if they try to join the server via the web version, the computer encourages you to use the Discord application to open the connection.

As a result, look for any extensions in your browsers. This could be active and preventing outgoing connections. Paste the following code into the address bar of Google Chrome and hit Enter. All link blockers should be turned off.

Furthermore, you should check your antivirus programme to see if it is blocking the link from the web to launch the Discord application for added security. Antivirus software can be temporarily disabled to see if these techniques work.

8. Reduce the Number of Running Files

Running too many files at the same time can potentially cause issues. As a result, running so many files in the background can produce a system issue.

We strongly advise you to close all open files in the background. It aids in the prevention of Discord App disruption. To avoid overloading, this will reduce the number of files operating in the background.

 9. Install the Most Recent Version of Discord

The app’s update is a problem solver in and of itself; to resolve the issue, an individual must update the app to the most recent version. The app should be updated. It will make it more difficult to locate the Discord won’t open error. As a result, make sure your Discord programme is constantly up to date.

10. Use the Web Version of Discord

A large number of users are affected by the session. However, they attempt to resolve the issue by first logging in to the web version and then attempting to use the Windows app version. The majority of the time, users do not even need to log in to Discord’s web version because the app automatically addresses the issue as the web version is opened.

So, open the Discord app on your Windows computer, and if it still won’t open or show the grey screen, try the Discord web version. It will clear the account and resume normal operation.

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Your problems will be solved using the ways mentioned above. Each option is effective in its own way in resolving the Discord will not open error.