G. Monfils Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A Joyful Honeymoon at the Games of the Olympics Games? Monfils, Elina, and Gael, are 100% on board.

G. Monfils Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The power couple in tennis recently got married and is now back at business in Tokyo.

G. Monfils Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

If you’re the world’s finest athlete and your future spouse, where do you go on your honeymoon?

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Where else Except at the Biggest Athletic event in the Planet?

Even though Elina Svitolina and Gael Monfils just were married in a beautiful outdoor wedding in Switzerland, they must get back to business.

The two athletes wasted little time getting to Tokyo to get ready to compete for their countries in the 2021 Olympics. Don’t worry, though; we still intend to go on a honeymoon (albeit it won’t be until November).

Svitolina recently posted a photo to her Instagram story showing herself stretching on the ground while her new spouse rode a stationary cycle in the Olympic gym in Tokyo.

Neither of them has ever won an Olympic medal, but the Ukrainian is the fourth favourite to do so in Tokyo.

She seemed to have made a smooth transition from wedding-celebration mode to Olympic-mode, telling reporters in Tokyo, “Now it’s time to focus on tennis. No one has time to take it easy right now.

Monfils and Svitolina will be competing for France and Ukraine in the doubles events in addition to the singles competitions. And although Svitolina will be paired with Dayana Yastremska, Monfils will be playing with Jeremy Chardy. On July 24th, the fun at Ariake Tennis Park officially begins.

Regardless of how the power couple’s wedding and the Olympics in Tokyo turn out, they deserve respect for pulling off such a massive undertaking in such a short amount of time. Both on and off the court, we’ll be cheering for the couple.

World No. 15 Elina Svitolina recently spoke with the Ukrainian media outlet btu.org, where she called 2021 a “really challenging year” for her. She noted, however, that her marriage to Gael Monfils was a source of strength during difficult times.

Svitolina’s 2021 season wasn’t particularly successful, despite the fact that she won a medal for her country in the Olympics in 2020. With only one singles championship to her name, the Ukrainian has fallen out of the WTA’s top 10.

A “really interesting year” for Svitolina, she said in the interview, adding that she “should have competed a bit better” on the court. But she claims that her marriage to Gael Monfils in July 2021 has been great for her career.

A lot has Happened this Year.

It would have been nice if I had done better in some areas (laughs). I feel like I could have done better in the competition.

In tennis standards, this year has been a disaster. Svitolina remarked in the interview, “The wedding with Monfils enabled me to clear my mind a little bit and tackle things much better.”

Svitolina also discussed the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where she won bronze for her country. “One of the best accomplishments” in her career, she said.

I went into the Olympics emotionally detached, having fully blocked out the poor performance that had plagued me for months.

The Ukrainian footballer went on to say, “Winning a medal while playing for my country is an incredible honour and one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.”

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For 2022, Elina Svitolina says, “Playing more Offensively is what we’re Looking for.”

Svitolina has stated that she plans to play “more attacking” tennis in 2022. She expressed optimism that future injuries won’t be an issue and said that her team had helped her become more mobile on the court.

We want to see more attacking play from you. A well-constructed set of points will have variety and balance.

I feel much more agile on the court now, and I pray that the injuries we’ve overcome will leave us alone in 2022. Svitolina summed up, “That is the most crucial factor for my self-assurance.