How Did Tim from DGD Die

Exactly what happened to Tim is still a big mystery. His cause of death remains unknown, as reported by The New York Post. His band members published an emotional Twitter post about him, which reads, “We are very devastated to relay the news that our friend and bass player, Tim Feerick, passed suddenly last night. While Tim’s family and friends mourn his tragically early passing, we ask that you give us space.

More information regarding SwanFest and the band’s next tour schedule will be provided as soon as it becomes available. In case you haven’t heard of it, SwanFest is a music festival that will take place on Saturday, April 23.

Tickets are still available for $50 per adult through Ticketmaster. But, Tim’s bandmates may reevaluate their plans to play at the festival in light of the recent tragic events. Here you will find out How Did Tim from DGD Die.

How Did Tim from DGD Die

Dance Gavin Dance Bassist Cause Of Death

According to a statement made by the band on April 14, bassist Tim Feerick passed away sometime between April 13 and 14. Feerick had performed with Dance Gavin Dance for a long time.

His tenure lasted only a year, from 2009 to 2010. He contributed bass guitar to the group’s most recent album, Afterburner. In 2012, he joined the group again, this time taking the place of bassist Eric Lodge. There is still no word on what killed him.

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Dance Gavin Dance Bassist Die

The band confirmed Tim’s death on Instagram, where they posted a letter and a photo of him playing bass onstage at one of their gigs. A California coroner is looking into the untimely death of Dance Gavin Dance bassist Tim Feerick, 34, an official told The Washington Post on Friday.

The rocker died on Wednesday at a small apartment building in Sacramento’s east side known as “The Retreat,” according to paperwork from the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

“We are very devastated to relay the news that our buddy and bass player, Tim Feerick, passed suddenly last night,” Dance Gavin Dance wrote on Thursday (April 14). “We ask that you respect our privacy and the privacy of Tim’s family as we mourn this tragic loss,” they continued.

Feerick replaced Jason Ellis as a member of Dance Gavin Dance in the months leading up to the release of their third studio album, “Happiness,” in 2009. When the band rejoined with founding bassist Eric Lodge, who had previously performed with them from 2005 until 2008, Feerick quit after just under a year on the road.

How Did Tim from DGD Die

No one knows what killed Dance Gavin Dance Bassist. One of Sacramento’s most popular rock bands, Dance Gavin Dance, announced on Wednesday that bassist Tim Feerick had died unexpectedly.

In that year, he would have been 34 years old. The band has remained silent about the circumstances surrounding Feerick’s death, but the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office. Which is conducting an investigation into the tragedy, has confirmed that Feerick passed away in his residence on Kiefer Boulevard in Rosemont.

The 34-year-old bassist has worked with Dance Gavin Dance for 13 years and is a crucial part of the band’s sound and popularity. The band’s future performances and bookings are in peril now that Feerick has left, especially their appearance at Swanfest 2022 on April 23.

Fans Have Been Writing Tributes to Tim Feerick on Social Media

Plenty of followers have posted touching tributes to Tim on his official Instagram account. The user “Gone way too soon” sums up the general feeling. The fact that we shared a birthday will always remind me of how kind you were to me.

We offer our deepest sympathies to Tim’s loved ones and hope that he rests in peace. Someone else wrote, “Please don’t let this be real.” We don’t know much more about what happened to Tim right now, but maybe his friends and family may open up about it when they’re ready.

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An official from the state of California told The Post on Friday that a coroner is looking into the premature death of Tim Feerick, the bassist for the band Dance Gavin Dance. Records from the Sacramento County coroner’s office indicate that the rock star was discovered dead on Wednesday at a small apartment complex called “The Retreat” on the city’s east side.

The cause of death has not yet been determined. On Thursday, members of the post-hardcore screamo band confirmed Feerick’s death on social media, provoking an outpouring of sadness from devoted fans.

Footage from Thursday night shows a small group of Feerick’s friends and band fans gathered around the city’s Afterburner mural to light candles and play Dance Gavin Dance songs on a portable speaker. Hope now you know How Did Tim from DGD Die.