Lowes Com Activate Guide


Lowe’s Credit Card is a very useful card that is very beneficial to people. If you are getting your Lowe’s Credit Card then you have to activate it as soon as possible to enjoy the benefits that are offered by it. There are a lot and we are sure that you will find that too. There are generally two methods that are used in order to activate the credit card. The first is the online method and the other one is the call method.

Lowes Com Activate: How to Activate Lowes Credit Card?

The best way to activate the Lowe’s Credit Card Is to do it online. This is a very good way to do so. Therefore we now have a step by step guide for you –

Step 1: You need to first go to the official site. It is at www.lowes.com/activate. Check it out on the web browser.


Step 2: Enter the user ID and password. Then you have the Secure Login button that you have.

Step 3: When you have a first-time user then you have to register. You have to create an account.

Step 4: The card activation can be seen from the Profile Menu. Now it is a very important step that you need to do. You have to go on ahead and enter the details of the card. The card details must be correct and you need to try to not make a mistake.

Step 5: Then you can complete the prompts that you will have on the screen. The card will be activated.

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How to Activate Lowe’s Credit Card Over Phone Call ?

Here is how you can activate Lowe’s Credit Card over a phone call –

Step 1: The registered phone number is required and you need to make a call at dial 1-800-445-6937.

Step 2: Now select the language that you want. They will ask for the details.

Follow the instructions and then you can complete the process. That’s it.

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This is all that you have about it. We hope that you got the best way to activate the Lowe’s credit card. And we also hope that you have been successful too. Thank you so much for giving this article here a read. Take care of yourself.


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