N. Derwael Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Olympian Nina Derwael of Belgium takes home the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

N. Derwael Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

In the gymnastics event on uneven bars, 21-year-old Nina Derwael brought home Belgium’s first gold medal from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

N. Derwael Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The 21-year-old dominated the final of the contest, ending with a score of 15,200 points (6.7 for difficulty, 8.5 for execution) (6.7 for difficulty, 8.5 for execution).

Anastasia Iliankova from Russia won silver with 14,833 points, and Sunisa Lee from the United States won bronze with 14,500 points.

Adding to Wout van Aert’s silver in the cycling road race and Matthias Casse’s bronze in judo, the young woman from Sint-victory Truiden’s in the marathon gave Belgium a total of three medals from the Tokyo Games (-81 kg).

For Team Belgium, this was the 16th time they had made it to the Top 8 in Tokyo.

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As a result of her Performance

Belgium won its first-ever gold medal in artistic gymnastics at any Olympic Games, as well as its 151st overall Olympic medal, its 41st Olympic gold medal, and its first gold medal in Olympic history.

Derwael did the exercise that has been suggested ever since the Tokyo Olympics began and which has a difficulty level of 6.

A week ago on Sunday, she competed in the team qualifying events and earned 15,366 points. She scored 15,400 in the Tuesday night team final.

On Thursday, she competed in the finals of the individual all-around competition and was awarded 15,266 points by the jury.

In the Championship Match, her most Publicised Opponent, “Suni” Lee, lost.

On Thursday, the American won gold in the individual all-around competition after scoring 14,500 points on a rather easy exercise (level 6.2) and coming in third place overall.

She had scored 15,200, 15,400, and 15,300 earlier in the week, partly due to a more technically challenging routine that was marked at 6.8 on all days but the first, when it was graded at 6.6.

Nina Derwael had placed 12th at the uneven bars at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 and failed to qualify for the final (Top 8). (Top 8).

She first won the European title in this competition in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 2017, and then again in 2018, both in Glasgow. After earning bronze at the 2017 Pan Am Games in Montreal, she went on to capture the world title in Doha that same autumn.

The outstanding pupil of French instructors Marjorie Heuls and Yves Kieffer, she won her second world title in Stuttgart in October 2019, just before the new Coronavirus outbreak and the Tokyo Games.

Despite facing significant obstacles in her pursuit of Olympic gold in 2020 (three quarantines, including one due to a Coronavirus infection, an accusation levelled against her trainers for their behaviour toward other gymnasts, and Belgium’s withdrawal from the European championships in Turkey), she remains unfazed.

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When Compared to the Second half of the Season, the First Half of 2021 was not Promising.

She was forced to withdraw from the European championships at the last minute due to a foot ailment, an investigation report verified the abusive behaviour by the coaches, and then she collapsed at her final preseason competition at the Flanders International Team Challenge in Ghent in June.

Giving up a new aspect and deciding to offer one programme instead of another with only three days till the Olympics is not a good indication.

The signs pointed to failure, but Nina Derwael came through in Tokyo, and she tasted victory for the first time.