8 Best NarutoSpot Alternatives to Watch Free Anime Online

People nowadays are obsessed with watching anime online. There are many websites on the internet that offer anime, but they charge a fee for doing so.

Other sites, on the other hand, offer them for free. NarutoSpot is one of these sites. However, the issue with these free sites is that they are illegal and may be shut down or banned at any time.

NarutoSpot also offers free anime, however it is occasionally unavailable. As a result, people continue to look for NarutoSpot alternatives to watch anime. As a result, we’ve provided them with this information. Let’s get started and see what we can find out.


Narutospot is a website dedicated to the anime series Naruto. NarutoSpot is a well-known and commonly utilised platform for free online anime streaming.

It offers the highest video quality and is utilised by people all over the world. On the site, it has the largest collection of content among similar sites. All of the features, as well as the largest database, making it a top website for watching anime online.

This site is used by anime fans all over the world to watch free anime. It also gives you the opportunity to read manga for free. This website has a large amount of traffic and is well-known.

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The site’s interface is incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to access it quickly. The site features a variety of video content, including web series, short video clips, cartoon videos, and more.

The 8 Best NarutoSpot Alternatives For Free Online Anime

We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 sites to utilise as a substitute for NarutoSpot when it comes to watching anime online for free. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Chia-Anime

Chia Anime is the first name that springs to mind when it comes to the greatest sites for viewing online and free anime.

This is one of the better sites to utilise as a NarutoSpot substitute. This site has quickly grown in popularity and now has users from all around the world. The best part is that all of the features are completely free.

The anime on this website spans a wide range of genres, including drama, adventure, horror, comedy, and more. As a result, you can effortlessly watch your favourite anime.

This website is jam-packed with amusement and serves as a one-stop shop for all your anime needs. It provides you with the greatest cartoon and animation experience possible. So give it a shot; I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.

2. GOGOAnimeĀ 

GOGOAnime is another excellent NarutoSpot substitute. One of the site’s most unusual and appealing characteristics is that it offers you a choice of seven servers from which to choose. So that you can have a better streaming experience on this site. Using the services supplied by this site will provide you with an exceptional experience.

It gives you the opportunity to watch anime for free. You can also download full-length episodes from this site to watch later in offline mode if you’re using the default server, VIDSTREAMING. It allows you to communicate with other users through the site’s chat room.

3. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is another great place to watch anime online. In the world of anime, this is also a very popular platform. It has a large number of users from all around the world. The features aren’t just for anime fans.

You may also listen to music and watch other shows and videos on it. You can pick between the free and trial versions of this website, as both are available.

You can use all available features for free in the free version, but you will have to pay for the premium version after a limited time period in the trial version. The premium version is jam-packed with entertainment, and there’s always something new to appreciate.

4. 9Animation

The next site on our list is 9Anime, which is a superb site for watching anime online and is a great alternative to NarutoSpot. The best part is that all of the videos on this site are in full HD quality, so there’s no need to compromise on video quality.

The anime is organised into a catalogue that makes it simple to search and watch your favourite shows. To use the services, you do not need to make any form of purchase or create an account on the site. All you’ll need is a strong internet connection to get started.

5. Anime Kiss

KissAnime is another excellent site on my list. It is the finest alternative for watching anime online. With its user-friendly UI, it gives a better streaming experience. The user interface makes it simple to access all of the site’s functions from the homepage. It is a simple to use website with a wide range of leisure options.

Because this service is based on torrenting, you can download a large number of anime and watch them later in offline mode. It also allows you to see recently released films, giving you a complete entertainment bundle. The video quality on this site varies from 240p to 740p, with some videos even being available in 1080p Full HD.

6. Anime PlanetĀ 

Anime Planet is the next best site to utilise as a replacement for NarutoSpot. This website’s interface is very similar to NarutoSpot’s.

It has a large library of anime to ensure that your entertainment never stops and that you always have something to watch. It has around 45000 videos to choose from. This is another popular anime streaming website.

Because of its relationships with major streaming sites, this site gives you with a superior anime streaming experience, and the greatest thing is that it is also legal because of these partnerships. There is no chance that this site will go down or become unavailable at any point in the future.

7. AnimeLab

The next site to watch anime online is AnimeLab, which has a lot of similarities to Narutospot and is thus one of the finest alternatives to it. Its user interface is very similar to NarutoSpot’s.

It offers a vast selection of anime to stream from all over the world, ensuring that the fun never stops. The best part is that all of the functions are completely free of charge, with no hidden subscription fees.

Before you can stream on this site, you must first log in. You have the option of creating an account or logging in using your Facebook account. Both approaches have been authorised. The videos on this website are in 1080p high definition. It will not annoy you with pop-up advertisements.

8. Funimation.com

Now, let’s go to our last site, at the very least to watch anime online, but don’t take it. Funimation is another excellent source for watching anime online for free. This is a site based in North America. It offers a mind-blowing anime experience, and I am confident you will enjoy it.

It also keeps you up to date on the latest anime, videos, movies, games, and popular anime shows, among other things. It keeps you up to speed on the latest anime releases. All of the features on this website are completely free to use. There are no hidden fees to stream on this service.

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We’ve now finished compiling a list of the top eight websites that you may use as a substitute for Naruto. They’re all the greatest for watching anime online. All of these websites are completely free. So give them a shot by visiting any of the websites on this list. Have fun with your streaming.