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B. Buitendag Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


A silver surfer Olympic medalist Bianca Buitendag defeats formidable competition.

B. Buitendag Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Bianca Buitendag, a surfer from the small city of George who is now semi-retired, won silver at the Olympic Games in Tokyo on Tuesday, shocking the globe.

B. Buitendag Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The 27-year-old local of Victoria Bay knocked off two of the top three seeds en route to the final, when she was ultimately defeated by American No.1 Carissa Moore, who performed miracles on the typhoon-driven waves at Tsurigasaki beach.

Earlier in the day, Buitendag, the 17th seed out of a field of 20, used the “washing machine” circumstances to her advantage and defeated the 2nd and 9th seeds, respectively, Caroline Marks of the United States and Yolanda Hopkins of Portugal.

She Advanced to the Quarterfinals on Monday after Defeating Australia’s No. 3 seed, Stephanie Gilmore.

A tearful Buitendag took her medal on the podium. I’m speechless, but I’m really honoured to stand in for the wonderful people of South Africa.

She follows Bridgitte Hartley, a kayaker from South Africa, as the only woman from her country to win an Olympic medal in a sport other than track and field or swimming.

Buitendag, a player with little chance of success, shocked the Japanese by defeating several heavyweights. As the saying goes, “Today was a fight, straight up. Each time I exited the water after a heat, I told myself that if I didn’t collapse on the sand, I hadn’t given it my all.

I tried my Hardest, that much is Certain.

There was definitely supernatural intervention, since many factors coincided. There was a confluence of favourable factors that allowed me to survive these harsh conditions.

There were challenging waves for the surfing finals since they were moved up a day due to an approaching typhoon.

The surfer, who is mentored by South African surfing icon Greg Emslie, described the waves as “six feet and messy.” It was like a whirlwind, but luckily for the underdogs, anything can happen in this game. Anybody can do it; this merely proves it.

Until his injury forced him to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics, Jordy Smith was the face of South African surfing.

For South Africa, Buitendag is the underdog who made it to the podium at the Olympics, while the vast majority of medal winners were already highly regarded before the competition began.

But for national sports organisations pressuring the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) to soften its rigorous selection procedure for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, she wouldn’t even be in the competition.

Before that, she wasn’t good enough to be selected, so she would have watched the Olympics on TV instead of taking part in history by standing on the top step of the surfing event’s inaugural Olympic podium. It was in Japan that this Olympic sport first appeared.

For Buitendag, it was important that her accomplishments encourage other women to take up surfing in her native country.

I pray that many other women will get the nerve to join me in the water and meet the one I intend to love till the day I die. The experience has therapeutic value for me. As near to heaven as you can get.

In the beginning of the year, when beaches were off-limits due to lockout restrictions, it was difficult for Buitendag to workout. She even rode out on a fishing boat to catch waves, which is against the law, just to get in some legal surf time.

On Tuesday, everything came together, and Emslie was quick to point out that this was no fluke.

It’s been four years in the making… Bianca told me that she can’t believe how lucky she has been in each heat, but I assured her that it was because of her preparation and hard work.

Getting the silver medal was a huge accomplishment.

S. McEwen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Shelby McEwen, an Olympian from the American South, is getting ready for her debut in the Tokyo Games.

S. McEwen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

S. McEwen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Shelby McEwen, a sprinter and high jumper from the Mid-South, has come a long way since he was named after a street in his hometown. He is now training for the 2020 Olympics.

On Friday, Shelby McEwen will compete for Team USA in the men’s high jump. This is the first Olympic Games for him.

Shelby McEwen has the words “Family is Forever” Tattooed on her Chest.

As a result of my unwavering faith in my countrymen. “I know I can count on family,” he added. “My primary folks, my mom, my dad, my niece, my aunt, she’s here all the way.”

Growing up on a street in Abbeville, Mississippi, where every house belonged to a different family, Shelby McEwen recognised early on the value of putting down firm foundations.

“At home, I always have a safe place to rest my head. And it goes for any of the other houses on this street, too. Shelby McEwen stated, “I have a safe, secure, and comfortable place to sleep and rest my head each night.

In recognition of his achievements as a high jumper on the international stage, the roadway was renamed Shelby Lane this year. All of the flags flying outside his family’s homes radiate with pride.

His father, Michael McEwen, is at a loss for words when he tries to describe his Olympic-level son inside the house where Michael grew up.

You don’t find many fathers who can say my son’s going to the Olympics, and just talking about it brings tears to my eyes. And it is a great privilege for me to send him. Really, it’s fantastic. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Michael McEwen remarked.

The McEwen Family has Accompanied Shelby on his Journey to Tokyo every step of the Way.

Due to the epidemic, he couldn’t train in Louisville with his usual coach, but his mother, Sharon McEwen, stepped in to fill that job.

But the things he’s doing now are based on things his parents taught him when he was a kid.

“I always told them, look, you’re leaders, not followers,” Sharon McEwen recalled telling her children.

Get to know who you are and what you’re passionate about; that’s what I meant when I said, “Find yourself. And when you finally figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life, you just go out and do it.

Shelby McEwen Remarked,

“I learnt a lot from my pops growing up, working in the yard, going out working on tin roofs.” “That not only made me mentally and physically stronger, but also understanding how to get up and do work.”

And that’s the rub. If you follow Shelby about long enough, you’ll eventually find out that he goes out of his way to do this every day. The pressure is all on him, so he better get something out of it,” Michael McEwen remarked.

It’s not just his mom and dad who have his back. And his aunts, uncles, and niece are also sources.

Faith Robinson remarked, “I advise him to accelerate faster and make sure his butt doesn’t contact the bar.”

We’ve never Flown too high. Shelby is a really Sensible Person.

The dynamics of our family are like that. It’s just how we were brought up. Because of this, we hold him in high regard. We are really happy for him,” Shae Burnett added.

While the McEwens regret not being able to cheer Shelby on in person, they are grateful for the opportunity to see her compete from afar thanks to the COVID-19 ban on Olympic spectators.

During the month of April, Michael McEwen was taken by ambulance to the hospital with a collapsed lung. The doctors said he made it just in time.

To which I reply, “God is good,” he exclaimed. Surgery on both of my lungs. I had no business being here, but God ensured my presence. Yes, I really am that pleased with myself.

Michael will be able to watch his son skydive in Tokyo from their Shelby Lane house three months after surgery.

The Thought of how well I am doing makes me well up with Emotion.

God has blessed me immensely, as well as my loved ones. When we get something like that, we don’t think there’s much more we could ask for.

God, your family, and the work you’re doing. Do your duty, I told him. This will be his job. It’s his job, just like it is mine. “Go do your duty,” Michael McEwen told his staff.

Shelby urges himself to relax and focus on clearing a single bar at a time before every jump.

This would be the ultimate demonstration of his training and all that he has learned when he competes in the Olympics.

It’ll be another defining moment, another unforgettable experience, another thing I always knew I could accomplish. According to Shelby McEwen, “it’s all about getting out and having fun on that day.”

What you have here is Truly Unique.

To get there, he had to put in a lot of effort. In other words, he merited his current position. He received nothing from anyone. He deserves it; it’s incredible how hard he fought for it,” Sharon McEwen remarked.

I think I’m going to faint,” Michael McEwen said. I told him, “Look, if you go get yourself a medal, I’m probably going to retire a year or two early. Yes, I intend to act in this manner. I’ve decided to retire early.

I intend to imitate his actions and go everywhere he goes. Every day, I’ll just follow behind him.

N. Kiyani Chandeh Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


A refugee team member from Iran who competes in taekwondo just missed out on their first medal.

N. Kiyani Chandeh Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Kimia Alizadeh, an Iranian defector, narrowly lost to Turkey’s Hatice Kübra lgün in a bronze medal match in taekwondo at the Tokyo Olympics.

N. Kiyani Chandeh Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Iran now has its first-ever Olympic medallist in female form thanks to Alizadeh, who took bronze for her country in Rio.

She qualified as a refugee athlete and competed in Tokyo, where she won her first three matches and was within striking distance of a historic medal before losing her final two matches.

Sunday in Tokyo, the 23-year-old Alizadeh upset two-time Olympic gold medalist Jade Jones, the British champion, 16-12. Her first match was against Nahid Kiyani Chandeh of Iran, whom she defeated.

She won the quarterfinals against China’s Zhou Lijun 9-8 thanks to a thrilling comeback in the final minute, but she fell to Russia’s Tatiana Minina 10-3 in the semifinals of the women’s 57-kilogram division.

After the First Period, Alizadeh led lgün by a Point, but She could not Score again Until it was too Late.

The refugee squad has competed in two Olympic Games since its 2016 inception, but they have yet to bring home a medal.

It sent ten athletes to its first Olympics in Rio, and it will send 29 to Tokyo. Among those athletes are three taekwondo competitors, all of whom have been training in Germany.

While Alizadeh’s Olympic triumph made her a hero in Iran at the age of 18, her decision to flee was motivated in part by her objection to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s institutionalised sexism and its requirement that women wear the hijab headscarf.

In a passionate statement announcing her defection on social media, she harshly criticised Iran for exploiting her for propaganda purposes and compared making the decision to winning an Olympic gold medal.

Due to injuries sustained before leaving Iran, Alizadeh did not participate between 2018 and this year, but the postponing of the Tokyo Olympics due to a pandemic allowed her to compete in the European qualifiers, bringing her back to the Olympics.

On the first night of her run in Tokyo, Alizadeh boxed and defeated Kiyani, a close friend who was also wearing a headscarf. Without covering her head or hair, Alizadeh walked into the Makuhari Messe convention hall. Later, she thanked the Iranian team’s coaches.

By Defeating Jones,

Who was trying to make history as the first three-time taekwondo gold winner and the first British woman to win gold in any sport at three successive Olympics, Alizadeh had her finest moment in Tokyo.

With only 30 seconds remaining, the score was knotted at 10-10. However, Alizadeh scored two body kicks for a total of four points, which put him ahead for good.

In the midst of the biggest upset of the taekwondo tournament, Alizadeh yelled and celebrated with her coach as the small crowd of Olympians and support employees in the arena exploded in startled roars.

Before the Third Round of their Quarterfinal, Zhou Held a 6-4 Advantage.

However, Alizadeh tied the match with a body kick in the final 90 seconds. With 40 seconds left, Alizadeh scored a stunning three points with a head kick, but Zhou quickly responded with a two-point body kick of his own.

In the waning seconds, Alizadeh sidestepped danger and held on for a triumph that had her collapsing on the floor.

After her triumph over Jones, Alizadeh’s social media following exploded by the thousands on Instagram.

In doing so, she became the latest prominent athlete to leave the Iranian sports establishment in protest of the government’s treatment and policies.

Iran was banned from the International Judo Federation for four years in April after the country refused to let its athletes compete against Israelis.

Saeid Mollaei, a former Iranian judo competitor, said he was told to lose in the semifinals of the 2019 world championships in Tokyo to avoid potentially confronting Israeli world champion Sagi Muki in the finals, and the International Judo Federation (IJF) said this highlighted Iran’s tactics.

Mollaei fled to Germany in 2019, and he will be competing for Mongolia on Tuesday at the Tokyo Olympics.

Refereeing legend Alireza Faghani fled Iran for Australia in 2019.

3000M Steeplechase Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Overview of the 3000m Steeplechase at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Steeplechase for Women, 3000 Metres

The steeplechaser who has been dominant in recent years hasn’t been quite as strong in 2021, opening up the competition heading into Tokyo.

3000M Steeplechase Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

In 2018, Beatrice Chepkoech ran an 8:44.32 to set a new world record; in 2019, she ran an 8:57.84 to set a new championship record and win the global title by nearly five seconds.

Despite losing valuable time when she missed one of the barriers, she still managed to place fourth at both the 2016 Olympics and the 2017 World Championships.

She came back strong, winning 17 of 19 races in 2018 and 2019. Additionally, she has now accomplished half of the 14 sub-nine-minute steeplechase times in history.

The Kenyan ran a 5km world record of 14:43 and an indoor 3000m personal best of 8:31.72 just three days apart to start the year, but she is yet to win a steeplechase competition in 2021.

At the Wanda Diamond League event in Monaco, she ran her best time of the season, a 9:04.94, placing a distant second.

Hyvin Kiyeng, another countrywoman, came out on top in a thrilling race. Due to a human error with the lap counter, Kiyeng began her last sprint one lap early.

After hearing the bell for the actual final lap, she realised her error and mustered the strength to cling on to her lead, eventually finishing in a season-best time of 9 minutes, 3.82 seconds.

In 2015, Kiyeng Won the world Championship.

In 2016, he won silver at the Olympics and bronze the following year. Even though she started the year off with a disappointing fourth-place finish in Doha, she has since gone on to win three races, all of which she has won by a wider margin than Chepkoech.

With a win against a world record holder and world champion despite missing her closing kick in Monaco, Kiyeng will be a formidable opponent in Tokyo. As a matter of fact, she has a chance to beat her 2016 personal best time of 9 minutes, 01.01 seconds.

African Games Champion Mekides Abebe

Who ran 9 minutes and 2.52 seconds at the Wanda Diamond League meet in Doha, Qatar, is the fastest of the entrants. Since then, she has only competed against athletes from her home country, yet she has still managed to win the Ethiopian Championships in Addis Ababa and the Ethiopian Olympic Trials in Hengelo.

Abebe is the oldest of Ethiopia’s steeplechase competitors, although being only 19 years old. Lomi Muleta, who ran a personal best of 9:14.03 this year, and Zerfe Wondemagegn, who ran a national U20 record of 9:16.95 in Hengelo, will be competing with her in Tokyo.

All three ladies will be making their Olympic debut at a relatively early age, yet they all represented Ethiopia at the 2019 World Championships.

Emma Coburn, the Current US Champion, will Compete for Medals once more.

Coburn is consistently around the top of the podium at major competitions. He won bronze at the 2016 Olympics, was crowned world champion in 2017, and won silver this year.

At the final pre-Olympic race, the Wanda Diamond League meet in Monaco, she finished fourth in 9 minutes, 9.02 seconds after falling at the final water jump.

She had seen Kiyeng’s mistake and was beginning to reel in the Kenyan, but there’s no guarantee that Coburn would have won had she remained on her feet. Coburn will still be in the medal chase if she avoids that error in Tokyo.

A another formidable champion performer is Gesa-Felicitas Krause. The German has two European gold medals (2016 and 2018) and two world bronze medals (2015 and 2019).

She has a season’s best of 9:09.13 as she travels to Tokyo, but she’s certain to improve upon that; in all but one of her 10 seasons between 2010 and 2019, Krause’s fastest times of the year were made in championship finals.

After falling short of the medals in the World Championships in Doha, Bahrain’s Winfred Yavi found some measure of redemption at the Wanda Diamond League meeting in the Qatari capital earlier this year, where she ran a personal best of 9:02.64 to defeat Kiyeng, Coburn, and Krause.

Aside from the defending champion, North American record holder, and 2017 world silver medalist Courtney Frerichs, other contenders include the defending champion, Slovenian record holder, and North American record holder Marusa Mismas-Zrimsek, Purity Kirui (2014 Commonwealth champion), Genevieve Gregson (Australia), Zhang Xinyan (China), and Peruth Chemutai (Uganda) all have national records.

A Male 3000 Metre Steeplechase

A consensus exists that the men’s 3000m steeplechase has been Kenya’s strongest track and field discipline.

Since 1968, the east African nation has been a powerhouse in athletics, with its athletes winning the event all but twice (in the Olympics, of course) due to the country’s boycotts.

It will be the first time in the country’s recent history that its Olympic team does not include a current world or Olympic champion.

Former world and Olympic champion Conseslus Kipruto did not finish his race at the Kenyan Trials last month and will therefore not be defending his title in Tokyo.

Kipruto’s victory in Rio five years ago was his first of two consecutive World Championship victories. That puts the weight of the country on the frail shoulders of Leonard Bett, Benjamin Kigen, and Abraham Kibiwott.

Bett won the Kenyan Olympic Trials on June 19 with a time of 8 minutes and 17.26 seconds in Nairobi’s high altitude, raising expectations for the 2017 global under-18 champion, 2018 African champion, and 2019 World Championships finalist. Since he hasn’t raced much so far this year, his true form won’t be known until the first round begins on July 30.

Kibiwott, 25, also competed in the finals of the 2019 World Championships, where he placed eighth, thus he brings significant competition experience to the Japanese capital like Bett.

The 25-year-old boasts a sub-8:10 best of 8:05.72 from this year and has five other sub-8:10 performances on his resume. The most recent was on July 9 in Monaco, where he ran a 2nd-place 8:07.81.

Kigen, 28, is a proven commodity on the world scene, having finished sixth at the most recent World Championships and first in the African Games earlier in the same year.

He also has multiple victories to his name in the Wanda Diamond League and the World Athletics Continental Tour.

The official at the Wanda Diamond League meeting in Monaco rang the bell one lap early, prompting Kigen and a few of other runners to launch their final kick with two laps to go, resulting in a season’s best 8:15.09. Until the runners realised there was still one more lap to go, Kigen was in the lead.

The Kenyan trio has a winning record to maintain, but they must first defeat a handful of established players who will come into the game as heavy favourites.

Moroccan Soufiane El Bakkali, 25, is the quickest of the Tokyo entrants with a 7:58.15 career best and a dozen sub-8:10 performances to his name.

He won silver and bronze at the last two World Championships. He hasn’t raced much this season, but when he has, he’s done well: he won the Golden Gala in Florence in 8:08.54 and, more impressively, he ran a personal best of 3:31.95 in the 1500 metres at the Doha Diamond League.

Meanwhile, Lamecha Girma made his international debut with a sensational performance at the 2019 World Championships, where the then-18-year-old fought fiercely with Kipruto to the line before losing the gold by a mere 0.01.

Girma ran just one outdoor race in 2021, but he made it count, taking first place in Monaco on July 9 with a time of 8 minutes and 7.75 seconds. This was the fastest time in the world in 2021.

Despite turning 19 the day after the Olympic final, Bikila Tadese Takele won the Ethiopian Trial race in Hengelo with a personal best of 8:09.37 and then placed second at the Wanda Diamond League meeting in Florence.

Getnet Wale, who was once listed in the steeplechase but now appears to be focusing only on the 5000m, is a compatriot and the 2019 Diamond League champion who finished fourth at the World Championships later that year.

The Ensuing Stats Chart is Less Certain when they are Accounted for.

France had the third- and fourth-place finishers from the Monaco race, Djilali Bedrani (8:11.17 SB) and Mehdi Belhadj (8:12.43 SB, PB). Bedrani, who ran 8:05.23 to place sixth at the 2019 World Championships, is also likely to place highly.

Hillary Bor, who won the United States Trials, finished eighth in Rio and seventh at the most recent World Championships, so she may also be in the medal hunt.

Ryuji Miura, a 19-year-old local hope, has already broken the national record twice this year, once in Tokyo in May with a time of 8:17.46 and again to 8:15.99 when he won the national title in Osaka a month ago.

A. Murtazaeva Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


In the women’s individual fencing competition at the Olympics, Vivian Kong ’16 placed fifth.

A. Murtazaeva Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Vivian Kong ’16 of Hong Kong competed in the women’s epee individual event for the first time at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics last Saturday, and she finished in fifth place.

A. Murtazaeva Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Kong played Maria Luisa Doig Calderon of Peru in the day’s opening match. Often times, the two competitors would begin an attack at the same time, with the advantage going to whoever landed the touch first (often only a few split seconds after the attack had begun).

When the first three minutes were up, there had been numerous back-and-forths. The pair’s score was 6 games apiece.

Fencing’s Second round saw a shift Toward more Combative Strategies.

Kong made the opening move and made it 7-6. The score is now tied at 10 points apiece after successful touches and lunges from both teams.

Throughout the course of the strip, Kong never stopped attacking, repeatedly forcing Doig Calderon to retreat till the last panel.

The second round ended with a score of 12-10 in favour of Kong after his opponent attempted several daring lunges but missed each time.

Doig Calderon tried to get within striking distance of Kong and his two-point advantage by going on the offensive more frequently in the third round.

However, Kong capitalised on Doig Calderon’s ferocity and landed many blows on her opponent’s lunges. Kong emerged victorious, 15-11, after three rounds.

A few hours later, Kong faced Polish player Renata Knapik-Miazga in the second round of competition.

In the opening two minutes, neither player took any chances and neither scored a point. As soon as the referee showed Kong and Knapik-Miazga red cards for inactivity, they got to work.

Kong launched two successful attacks with only one minute remaining in the first round, bringing the score to 3-1.

While Knapik-Miazga was more aggressive in the second round, both fencers made several effective attacks, ultimately resulting in a 6-4 victory for Kong. Both competitors stepped up their game in the championship round, seeking to rack up as many touches as possible.

Knapik-Miazga tried to get in front of Kong to force her to retreat, but Kong continued going even when she was pressed.

After a few exchanges, Kong had built up a four-point advantage and was undaunted by her opponent’s relentless attempts. Continuing his impressive play, Kong won by a score of 15-8 and advanced to the semifinals.

Kong’s Quarterfinal Opponent was the Russian Aizanat Murtazaeva.

After two minutes of the fight, neither fighter had done anything to merit a green card, therefore they were both disqualified for inactivity. As time expired in the first round, Kong leapt and landed a touch, giving him a 2-1 lead.

Murtazaeva’s more aggressive play in the second round led to a collision near the centre of the strip.

Kong preferred a more steady advance, while her opponent favoured rapid lunges, but both athletes spent the majority of their time in the attacking position. Both teams scored touches in the second period, with Murtazaeva emerging with a slim 6-5 advantage.

Murtazaeva upped her aggressiveness in the third round, maintaining steady pressure on Kong. Although Kong still had many touches, Murtazaeva’s aggressive play was successful, and Kong was unable to catch up in time. Murtazaeva won the match with a final score of 15-10, eliminating Kong from the Olympics in fifth place.

On Monday night, Kong competed in the women’s team epee event, giving her another shot at an Olympic gold medal. The Hong Kong squad was eliminated by China 44-32 in the quarterfinals.

F. Chow Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Olympic D-Final Champion Felice Chow placed 19th overall.

F. Chow Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Rower Felice Aisha Chow of Trinidad and Tobago finished her Tokyo 2020 Olympic career on Friday with a 19th-place finish in the women’s singles sculls D final (Thursday evening TT time).

F. Chow Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The 44-year-old swimmer won the 19th-24th place final at Sea Forest Waterway, where she competed from lane three, with a time of 7 minutes, 48.06 seconds.

She crossed the finish line with a comfortable four-second lead over the next competitor, Korean Hyejeong Jeong (8:06.13), and Chinese Taipei’s Yi-Ting Huang (7:52.18), Paraguay’s Alejandra Alonso (7:55.63), Puerto Rico’s Veronica Toro Arana (7:57.22), and Hong Kong, China’s Winne Wing Yan (8:02.79).

The remaining rowers will compete for positions 13 through 18 in the C final, positions 7 through 12 in the B final, and positions 1 through 6 in the A final.

On Thursday, Chow Finished in the top 24,

Which was a considerable improvement over her Olympic debut performance in 2016, when she finished in the bottom 22.

Though she got a good start in her final race, Chow ended up finishing behind early leader Alonso after the first 500 metres. At the halfway point (1,000 metres), however, the American rower from San Francisco gained the lead and never relinquished it.

Chow’s Summer Olympics campaign got underway last Thursday, when she finished fourth in heat two of the women’s single sculls in a time of 8 minutes, 2 seconds.

She did not Advance to the Next Round without Competing in the Repechage heat.

There, the TT competitor won his repechage heat 2 race (8:15.94) on Friday to advance to the quarterfinals.

The next day, Chow raced in her quarterfinal heat and finished fifth in 8 minutes, 21 seconds.

On Wednesday, she competed in the C/D final and finished fourth in 7 minutes, 45.14 seconds, earning her a spot in the D final.

Chow, at age 35, is the oldest woman to compete for TT at the Olympics, and she is also the only athlete to qualify for the Olympics in the sport of rowing. Chow finished in third place at the Americas Olympic qualification regatta, giving her a second chance to compete in the Olympics.

In addition to her podium finish in the 2019 Pan American Games, she also placed third at the 2019 South American Games.

C. Dubois Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Winner Caroline Dubois made history by competing on a male-dominated field.

C. Dubois Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Instead of a clay dohyo ring, a sprung floor was used, the judges wore T-shirts and jeans instead of traditional kimonos, and a rotating boom camera was installed in the spot where a wooden roof would have been.

C. Dubois Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Olympic boxers now compete on the same stage that has seen the successes of yokozuna grand champions, tear-stained retirement ceremonies, and upsets welcomed by the flinging of seat cushions from the crowd in Japan’s ancient sport of sumo wrestling.

While Caroline Dubois may not have been moved by the sumo culture permeating Ryogoku Kokugikan (the venue’s official name) and the surrounding area in eastern Tokyo, her triumph in the event’s preliminary round on Tuesday was certainly fitting for the venue’s historic status.

Following the morning’s events, in which her fellow Brit Pat McCormack defeated the Belarusian Aliaksandr Radzionau via unanimous decision in their welterweight bout, and in which Cheavon Clarke fell to Brazil’s Abner Teixeira in the heavyweight division, it was time for Dubois, a journalist for the Guardian covering the Games, to emerge from the coronavirus bubble in the athletes’ village and begin her quest for gold.

Former world junior and youth Olympic champion Dubois tweeted on Monday that she was motivated to make an outstanding start to her Tokyo 2020 campaign in her first competitive fights as an adult in the Olympic qualifiers in March of last year.

And She did, in the Lightweight Division’s round of 32, Against tough Kosovar Donjeta Sadiku.

After a cautious first round, the 20-year-old Londoner found her rhythm, wearing down her opponent with right jab-left hook combinations, and earning a unanimous decision victory, much to the delight of her top-tier teammates. The American Rashida Ellis will be Dubois’ opponent on Friday.

Dubois explained that they expected their opponent to be “as nasty and gritty as possible” because of her opponent’s toughness.

She’s been to the worlds, the Europeans, she’s faced the best, so I knew she was going to be tough. “She has more experience than me and has competed at a significant level.”

In order to reach the ring, Dubois followed in the footsteps of countless greats before him, including the current yokozuna, Hakuho Sho, who is widely considered to be the best of all time.

As she walked back down the aisle after her victory, Dubois said that the pressure to perform well had increased after seeing her Team GB teammates win events during the first three days in Tokyo. Totally insane. Unfortunately, I didn’t get on until after the boxing match started.

Seeing the other Boxers made me Anxious about Getting in the Ring Myself.

The pressure, which had been mounting, has been relieved because I was the first one on, as is my custom. I was itching to step into the ring.

Boxers, in particular, have been more accepting of competing in near silence than other professional athletes, who have lamented the lack of spectators throughout the pandemic. They say it reminds them of their childhood.

When it came to Dubois, he was just like Everyone Else.

It’s very dissimilar to my anticipations. I’ll never forget seeing the reaction of the crowd as Katie Taylor and Natasha Jones walked out. What I heard was so loud that it completely floored me.

“There isn’t much of a crowd, and there isn’t much of an atmosphere, but the pressure is on. In case you were wondering, we are now at the Olympic Games. Here, hopes are realised or dashed. What we’re after is identical. This isn’t too dissimilar from the little tournaments and empty arenas where we’re used to competing.

It’s true that the Kokugikan has staged boxing matches before, but when it comes to sumo, only ladies show out to watch.

Although there has been an increase in the number of female amateur sumo wrestlers in recent years, women are still not allowed on the dohyo during any of the six major tournaments held each year, three of which take place at Kokugikan due to antiquated traditions over menstruation.

From Time to Time, the ban has Caused the Elders Who run Sumo to feel Humiliated.

They regularly stopped Fusae Ota, the first female governor of Osaka, from entering the ring in the 2000s to award the tournament’s top prize.

Three years ago, the rule’s ridiculousness was again brought to light when women who raced to help a man who had suffered a stroke while giving a speech at a sumo event were forced to leave the ring by one of the judges.

Remember that boxing was another discipline that excluded women from elite competition until London 2012, when Nicola Adams and Katie Taylor became sports celebrities and role models for a young Dubois like herself.

She said, “It’s mad since I was 11 years old when I was watching Katie and Natasha compete in the Olympics.”

Having finally arrived, I find the whole experience to be somewhat weird. And now I can say, “Wow, I’m really at an Olympic Games.” Damn, this is it, I have to remind myself. It comes with a certain amount of pressure no matter what.

As she talked, puffy clouds were dotting a deep blue sky where earlier in the day rain and wind had whipped over Tokyo. Dubois has the blessing of both Mother Nature and the sumo gods.

V. Milou Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


French skateboarder Vincent Milou rose to fame thanks to tears, friendship, and determination.

The French skater has set his sights firmly on the SLS Super Crown Final as he works tirelessly to hone his skills in preparation for Paris 2024, when he hopes to compete in the street skateboarding Olympics.

V. Milou Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

For Vincent Milou, skating is a Nonstop Passion.

The 25-year-old French skateboarder is relentless in his pursuit of greatness, as seen by his series of spectacular achievements on the competition circuit and his odysseys around the US shooting clips for his current video pieces.

The Effort was not Wasted, Though.

He attributes his increase in popularity over the past several years to his dedication to the subculture of street skating, in addition to his skill on the skatepark.

Skate partners matter, Milou says in an exclusive interview with Olympics.com. To paraphrase, “If you skate with a nice group of friends, they motivate you; if they are also good at skating, it helps you grow, be inspired, and become the best.

Having films featured in magazines is a great confidence booster before a tour, especially when you’re representing multiple labels. As a result of being in the company of others, you quickly improve your skating skills. Then, at a competition, you realise that you’ve improved.

It’s not surprise that the Bayonne native would have Olympic aspirations, but Milou’s mantra of “stronger together” sounds like it was lifted straight from the Olympic creed.

In the same way that all top-tier professional skateboarders get steely resolve whenever improvement is mentioned, Milou is no exception. The Games are a platform where he hopes to show his best performance.

I aim to Triumph.

Because of this, I must leave. The Frenchman puts his ideas for Paris 2024 quite simply. “We’re all here to relax and let our hair down a bit, but ultimately, we’re all here because we’re competitive and want to win.

While the Games’ legendary meaning is universal, “all I want is to win an Olympic medal here in my home country.”

Milou doesn’t elaborate on whether or if his statement has an extra dose of resolve after missing the podium by by 1.21 points at skateboarding’s Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 in 2021.

Nonetheless, he Says that he is Pleased with his Accomplishment:

That day, I skated exceptionally well. Fourth place is better than last for me.

He is confident that his parents would be overjoyed to see him triumph on La Place de la Concorde in two years over Olympic champion Horigome Yuto of Japan and the extraordinary American Nyjah Huston. They weren’t always on board with him skateboarding, he admits.

My parents pushed for me to join a team sport like football or basketball when I was a kid so that I could join a group and make friends.

Around the time I was 12, I stopped wanting to attend sports instruction and instead spent my time skating on the side. Only skating satisfied my need to glide.

When I first started crying and not wanting to go to football, they weren’t pleased. I just wanted to skate, therefore I didn’t want to go.

Milou’s Emotional Appeal, Complete with Tears, was Ultimately Successful. Ever Since then, he’s been a Regular at the Rink.

Next stop on the jet-setting The French skater will continue his 2022 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) season in Las Vegas, Nevada (October 8-9) and hopes to improve on his current position of second place to earn a berth in the Super Crown Final the following month.

Milou will continue to have his hands busy as he prepares for the Paris 2024 Olympics in between filming roles, as the qualification process for the Olympics has begun.

Skateboarding in the streets and parks is where the ambitious skateboarder with his sights set on the top prize hopes to spend as much of his time as possible.

T. Minina Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Tatiana Minina of Russia took silver in the women’s 57-kilogram taekwondo competition at the Tokyo Olympics.

T. Minina Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Tatiana Minina of Russia took second place behind Anastasija Zolotic of the United States in the women’s 57 kilogramme (kg) taekwondo final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

T. Minina Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Both Lo Chia-Ling of Taiwan and Hatice Kubra Ilgun of Turkey won bronze.

The Russian taekwondo team has now won two medals at the Tokyo Olympics. Russian competitor Mikhail Artamonov won bronze in the men’s 58 kilogramme division the day before.

On Sunday, Anastasija Zolotic won the featherweight division title by defeating Tatiana Minina of the Russian Olympic Committee team, 25-17. This was the first gold medal for the United States in women’s taekwondo.

Zolotic, now 18 years old, lets out a primal scream with every round as she puts on her helmet. The Florida native has been assuring her loved ones that she will win an Olympic gold medal with just one trip to the Games since she was a little girl.

“My eight-year-old self was running around the school yard screaming I was going to be Olympic champion but she could have never anticipated what this moment is like,” Zolotic said. “That’s insane. In all honesty, I still haven’t processed it.

After a high-scoring opening round and a more tactical second, Zolotic took advantage of a one-point lead going into the final round to finish off her Russian opponent, Minina, with a series of two-point body kicks in the third.

Only four other Americans, and no other women, have ever made it to the taekwondo finals at the Olympics, but Zolotic did it. Two of the United States’ four Olympic taekwondo gold medals have been earned by Steven Lopez.

Do You think that’s Incredible?

She now felt like she had a way to help bring attention to it in the United States. “All I want is for the nation to be proud of me and experience these same feelings with me.”

Lee Kiefer, a member of the United States Olympic Fencing Squad, defeated Inna Deriglazova, a member of the Russian Olympic Committee team, 15-13 in the women’s foil final to win the United States’ third fencing gold medal in Olympic history.

After the final point, Kiefer tore off her mask and exclaimed, “Oh my God.” She finished in the top ten in both the 2012 and 2016 Olympic competitions, in London and Rio, respectively.

Kiefer Won four National Titles While at Notre Dame and is now Studying Medicine at UK.

Her husband Gerek Meinhardt was on the bronze medal-winning American foil team at the 2016 Olympics.

She spoke with her gold medal around her neck and added, “It’s such a great emotion that I share with my coach, I share with my husband, with my family, basically everyone that’s been a part of this.” “I wish I could shave it into tiny pieces and hand it out to all the people I care about.”

In the Bronze Medal Match,

Larisa Korobeynikova of the Russian Olympic Committee team prevailed against Alice Volpi of Italy 15-14.

The only other American fencer to win an Olympic gold medal was Mariel Zagunis, who took home the sabre in 2004 and 2008.

On Sunday, American men’s swimmer Chase Kalisz won the 400-meter individual medley, while American men’s shooter Will Shaner, age 20, won the 10-meter air rifle event.

I’m still trying to believe it,” Shaner stated after declaring victory. “However, I’ve been involved in the sport for quite some time now, and I’ve come a long way. Just to have [the gold medal] in my hands is incredible.

A. Caci Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


France’s male squad hadn’t competed in the Olympics since 1996, thus the country intended to send its top players.

France’s men’s Olympic team coach, Sylvain Ripoll, had hoped to take players like Kylian Mbappe, Eduardo Camavinga, Houssem Aouar, and Amine Gouiri with them to Japan for the summer Olympics.

A. Caci Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Caci Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Instead, Ripoll’s squad was cobbled together at the last minute since Europe’s biggest clubs aren’t willing to allow their best players go after Euro 2020 and before the new season starts in less than a month.

Les Bleus will proceed to the Games without Mbappe, without any superstars, and with a slew of unfamiliar faces, where they will face Mexico, South Africa, and hosts Japan in the group stage.

Teji Savanier, a midfielder for Montpellier, was at a campsite in the south of France having an aperitif when his phone called. Ripoll was the one who picked up the phone.

“I was overjoyed to hear him, yet it took me by surprise. Actually, I was completely unprepared for it.

To be honest, I never imagined that I’d be representing France at the Olympics “Last week, during a press conference, Savanier explained it to ESPN. It’s a dream come true for him, perhaps more than anyone else.

Savanier, who Turns 30 in December, is Regarded as One of Ligue 1’s most Talented Players.

The midfielder is a passing genius who is underappreciated since he has always seen football as a hobby rather than a career.

He has never been the type to set lofty goals for himself; instead, he has always played for a club close to his home, even if that meant playing in lower leagues (Arles, Nimes and Montpellier.) Indeed, he and his entire family are still residing in the same Montpellier housing project where he did.

He’s as unremarkable a footballer as you’ll ever meet, but now Savanier has a chance to represent his country at a major tournament.

Savanier was selected by Ripoll alongside two stars who are now competing in Liga MX, despite the fact that players in the men’s Olympic event must be under the age of 23, with the exception of three over-age participation.

After helping France win the 2018 World Cup, 28-year-old striker Florian Thauvin hasn’t played for his country since 2019, while 35-year-old forward Andre-Pierre Gignac was on the squad that lost the 2016 Euro final to Portugal.

“Tigres, thank God, exist. What we would have done if we didn’t have them is a mystery to us “ESPN was informed this by an insider in the French team’s camp.

Although the Liga MX Apertura began on July 22, the Mexican club was more than willing to let their players leave.

Since Joining Tigres from Marseille in 2015, Gignac has been Phenomenal.

He has scored 149 goals in 261 games and helped the club win three Apertura championships, one Clausura championship, three Campeon de Campeones trophies, and the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League.

The talented winger Thauvin signed with him for free after his contract with Marseille expired at the end of the previous season, and the two teams want to achieve similar success this year.

A chance to play at the Olympics was too wonderful to pass up, but it’s only a coincidence that France’s first game is against Mexico on July 22.

The rest of France’s roster is stacked with colourful personalities and, most importantly, skill. Not all of the players will be household names, but they all care deeply about representing their country in their national shirt.

For Instance, Consider Enzo Le Fee.

The 21-year-old Lorient midfielder has had a difficult life but is full of promise. His father, Jeremy Lampriere, spent several years in prison for various violent and drug-related offences as well as for carrying a firearm.

He was raised by his mother and grandmother (he was born in her house because she could not afford to provide a home for him), and after Enzo got his first professional contract, he bought them all a mansion.

Yet, in April of last year, at the age of 41, his father sadly took his own life after having been released from prison.

Modibo Sagnan, 22, was one of the surprises of La Liga with Real Sociedad last season, while Lucas Tousart, 24, a defensive midfielder for Hertha Berlin, and Paul Bernardoni, 24, a goalie for Angers, will be valuable additions to the team.

Meanwhile, France has sent its top talents from the 2002 generation, including Isaac Lihadji (Lille), Timothee Pembele (PSG), and Nathanael Mbuku (Reims).

Randal Kolo Muani, then only 22 years old, scored a brace at the Parc des Princes against PSG during a breakout season in Ligue 1 with Nantes.

He scored twice in the 2-1 win over South Korea in the warmup match last week, with Anthony Caci assisting both goals, and Mbuku scoring the game-winning goal in the 89th minute.

Seven of the 22 Players on the Roster are Locals of the City of Paris:

Muani, Mbuku, Bernardoni, Pembele, Sagnan, Alexis Beka Beka, and Arnaud Nordin. Paris will host the next Olympic Games in 2024, and you can guarantee that Mbappe, who will be 25 at the time, would want to participate in his hometown event.

Unknown French players have a shot of joining him if they seize their opportunity this summer.