5 Best Portable Apps in 2023

It is possible to use portable programmes on many computers without causing any problems. It is defined as “portable” when it can be carried anywhere.

It facilitates the movement of data across devices. These programmes are unique in that they can be saved on virtually any type of storage media.


Portable programmes can be kept anywhere, whether on a USB Drive or in the cloud. Let’s take a look at some of the top portable apps that will be available in 2023.

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Best Portable Apps in 2023

1. Google Chrome 2. LibreOffice Portable 3. Dropbox 4. Google Drive

1. Google Chrome

Easy to install and doesn’t interfere with any system’s protocols, it is one of the best and most popular web browsers. It’s lightning-fast while yet being a highly secure browser.

For its modesty and simplicity, it has earned a devoted following of fans. It facilitates the downloading process and gets you up and running in a flash.

This lightweight programme can be used for a variety of different activities. It is completely free of malware and viruses, making it the safest experience possible for its customers.

Additionally, you can adjust the settings to suit your own preferences. The wonderful auto-update feature makes it easy to do searches without having to worry about your safety.

2. LibreOffice Portable

A database, spreadsheet, drawing package, presentation tool, and word processor are all included in the package.

As a portable app, it’s one of the best on the market. It is safe for its users because of its automatic upgrades, which include the most recent security fixes.

Its MultilingualAll package contains all of LibreOffice’s supported languages. Its users are drawn in by its easy-to-navigate interface and eye-catching design.

Users benefit from an array of tools that are infused with creativity and help them work more efficiently.

3. DropBox

In addition to its image-editing abilities, it is noted for its ease of use and upgrades. It runs on a batch system. It is completely devoid of malware and viruses, making it completely secure to use.

It gives you with the greatest visuals possible. It has a wide range of cutting-edge capabilities, as well as some of the best photo-editing tools available.

When you download it, you get a 200MB file that can run up to 1GB on the programme. If you are looking for an excellent portable app, then this should be it.

4. VLC Media Portable

A cloud folder or an external device can be opened without interfering with Windows. In addition, it’s a great audio and video player for converting clips.

Even the tiniest glitches can be fixed with free downloads and automated updates, just as with other programmes. It is one of the safest applications available because it is devoid of malware and viruses.

Plays practically any file format because it’s open and free. It has the ability to play all codecs and yet doesn’t ask for any codec packs.

All of us are relieved that it is ad-free. It also gives us the possibility to get its excellent extensions.

5. CCleaner Portable

It’s a great software that helps you free up space on your phone for new files. All the unwanted and useless data is removed in the form of trash.

This method of cleaning makes your gadget more neat and effective. It declutters the areas, removing the clutter. At any moment in time, it can even identify and delete numerous copies of the same file.

There is also a feature that monitors both the browser and the operating system. Simply download and use.

It does everything from clearing cookies and cache files to clearing the recycle bin to erasing all temporary files.

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Each and every one of these apps is regarded as one of the greatest portable apps on the market. Regardless of which method you use, you can expect the best outcomes.

If you focus on their most important features, it’s clear that they’re worth your time and effort. Make use of them to discover the myriad advantages they offer.