11 Best Sites Like PrimeWire

If you do not know what PrimeWire is then how did you even end up in this article? Hmm… Sounds suspicious. Well anyway for those wandering people who ended up here, you will enjoy this explanation of PrimeWire. It is just a site where you can watch your favorite shows and movies online. It is absolutely free of cost.

However, the sad news is that many countries have banned this website. Why? Well because that’s because it’s not legal silly. No need to worry though, we have just the thing for you. In this article, we are going to list 11 sites that are like PrimeWire. So buckle up your seat belts and get ready for the ride.

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11 Best Sites Like PrimeWire

PrimeWire has been useful to many of us in the past. We have enjoyed watching the various shows and movies here. But now it has been banned in several countries, including ours. So this may be banned in your country too. So if that is the case, what do we do in the meantime?

Stop watching movies and tv shows? Hell no, are you serious? That can never happen. So that’s why we have searched for the best Alternatives for PrimeWire. This will help us fill in the gap. We thought we will sure the good news with you. So without any further ado let’s get right into it.

1. Vumoo

Vumoo is the first one on our list. It is a great site where you can watch TV shows for free. Your favorite TV shows will be available here. The only drawback that this site has is that they have no way of organizing their movies and shows.

For instance, if you are looking for a good action movie to watch, you can not find action movies including a filter. It has no such feature. You just need to know the name of the movie or show you want to watch beforehand.

2. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is a streaming site that allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies for free. It has a huge collection in its database. It is highly likely that you will enjoy its interface the most because it is ad-free.

Yes, you read that right. They have different categories of movies, unlike vumoo that you can choose from easily. It is used by several hundred users all over the world. We are sure that you will not be bored on this site. Go check it out.

3. CMovies

This is a very popular site that is also free of ads and pop-ups. They are pesky and no one likes them. Occasionally you might get a few ads, Nothing that an ad blocker can not solve. It is said to have a huge collection of movies and shows that the user can pick from.

The interface is user friendly and simple too. We really liked the fact that they feature the recent releases on the front page of the website. They offer high-quality video too so you can never go wrong with this one.

4. BMovies

BMovies is similar to 123movies in its structure and feature. It is good because it has got a Simple straightforward interface that is easy for new users or novices. It has films from. 13 different countries and TV shows from 4 different ones. While it may not seem a lot to you now but once you actually open the site, it is a lot.

You can search for something to watch using filters like adventure, comedy, sci-fi, mystery horror, etc. They offer alternative links for you in case one does not work. They do have pop-ups but you can manage that by just closing them.

5. SolarMovie

This site allows you to watch movies from different countries. Some of the registered countries are South Korea, China, France, Canada, Russia, India, the United States Of America and so many more. You will never run out of content to watch on this site. This has a wow user experience.

It is highly user friendly and easy to use. The different genres of movies and shows are all available here. Adventure, action mystery and so much more. We think that this is our personal favorite. We are sure that you will like this one too. So without any ado, go check it out.

6. PutLocker

You might have already heard of this one. It is extremely popular and people all over the world are seen using it. It has very less pop-ups and ads which makes it a crowd favorite. The thing that makes Putlocker stand out from the other alternatives is that it has a very clean interface.

Their virtual library is extremely large and they are regularly updating it so there is no way that you will miss out on the current releases. Go see for yourself if you do not believe us.

7. 5Movies

Well in case you have not yet found your true calling, we mean your true streaming online site then maybe this is the one for you. You never know when you click with someone. No we are not talking about dating! 5movies is one of the newer sites that has been shining through in this world of streaming sites.

It is well organized and it makes finding the desired movie and tv shows from their huge virtual library seem easy as eating an apple pie. So grab your bucket of popcorn and start binging. What? Why so many food references? Well, that’s because we are hungry!

8. 123Movies

The next one on the list is 123movies. Do not confuse it with the Movies123. We know many of us have made this mistake but they are completely different sites. Though they initially have the same primary goal – to provide you with your favorite movies and tv series.

However, this site has one Major drawback that makes many people steer clear of this site. It has a large number of ads and pop-ups. To watch your stuff peacefully you need to get an ad blocker otherwise those pesky pop-ups will ruin the entire mood and experience.


Afdah is also a great alternative to PrimeWire. It is a sweet contradiction from 123movies because it is ad-free. You can enjoy your content without being in anticipation of the pop-ups appearing and ruining an exciting scene. It is professional in its layout and outlook.

We love the user interface on this streaming site. It has content from over 69 countries which makes this one of the largest streaming sites in history. If you can not believe us and you want to check it out for yourself then be our guest. Once you enter this site, you won’t want to leave!

10. IOMovies

This is the next one on the list. It has a very special ability. You can watch your favorite shows and movies in high definition here. It is completely free of charge and we must say that it meets the needs of its users. You do not need to register yourself in the need to watch content here.

No strings attached is how we like to put it. The site has a good interface that allows not so tech-savvy people to find and watch movies easily here.

11. F07Movies

FMovies is the last one on our list but it does not mean that it is not a good streaming site. It is extremely popular with a lot of users all over the globe. It has a large database with lots of TV shows and movies to spoil its users with. They usually do not have any pop-up ads but some might occur occasionally.

It is highly recommended by a lot of people. They even allow you to download the shows to watch later in case you are too busy to watch now. Definitely worth a try.

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We hope that this article is up to the mark. We tried our best to include the best sites that we could possibly find. The features of all the sites are the same, you get to watch your favorite shows and movies. The only difference here is that of the interface, the content, and the size of their virtual library. It also differs in the collection of movies and tv shows online.

The fact that you have gone through the entire article ensures that you can now enjoy your shows and movies whenever you want. You are bound to have found the best ones out of the bunch. We have engineered this article in such a way that everyone takes something out of it.

We hope that you have found the use of our rambling and enjoyed the article. If yes, then please do recommend it to your friends and family. Thank you once again for being patient and giving this article a read. Have a fun time!