Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

There is less than a week until the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, so the pre-Games analyses and predictions are heating up!

Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

It goes without saying that this year’s Olympics will be unlike any other in history, both because of the year-long postponement and the extreme safety measures that will be taken to protect the competitors.

Team Sabre Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

There won’t be any spectators in the stands, so everyone can watch it on TV just like we will. Even though they will be held in 2021, the Olympics are being marketed as Tokyo 2020. Know that it’s the same Olympics even though the years are referred to differently.

Fencing, which has previously only been featured in the Olympics in the team event, will now feature both individual and mixed-gender team events for the first time ever. There will be more fencing from now on!

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Due to the cancellation of numerous games over the past year and a half, this year’s Olympic qualification has been unlike any other.

Since we now know who is competent and who is not, none of that previous information is relevant.

Now, the final showdown is upon us. How, though, will things ultimately unfold? That’s everyone’s burning question. The time has come to begin.

Predictions for the Olympic Fencing Events:

Let’s break out each field into its own section. Predicting the outcome of the Olympics is generally a thankless task, but it’s still entertaining. I’m willing to take a chance and give it a shot.

What follows is just my thinking out loud, as is the case with every forecast. Having this debate with you and hearing your thoughts would be great!

Gender-Specific Saber for Men

Group of Male Sabre Fighters:

The Men’s Sabre Olympic field features the most realistic squads, in my opinion. It appears that within each squad, the rosters are also merited and predictable.

Unlike in men’s foil and epee in France, this event does not feature any unexpected twists or turns. For Men’s Sabre, I will back the Koreans because they are the clear leaders.

In spite of this, Italy, Hungary, Germany, and Russia are all strong challengers for the gold. I don’t see the Americans coming out on top, but I would love to be proven wrong.

Sabre, Male, Personal:

That so many excellent saberists are vying for the same prize makes this situation all the more intriguing.

Szhilagy is determined to win a third gold medal and will stop at nothing to do this. The dilemma is that not only have the Koreans become a world force, but any of the top 10 ranked fencers in the FIE may challenge for gold.

I think Szhilagy, Oh, and Derswitz will all be celebrating at the end of the race.

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Saber for Women:

Women’s Sabre Team:

Since Ukraine is out, I see Russia taking on France as the final contenders. And while the United States, Italy, and Hungary are all excellent squads in their own right, I predict that these three will split bronze.

Sabre for Female Individuals:

Aside from Zagunis (cross your fingers! ), I’d put my money on Kharlan, any of the Russian women (with Velikaya leading the team), the French fencers, or even just about anyone else in the field. Russian, American, and Kharkan podiums seem likely.