V. Axelsen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Two of the sport’s biggest names will face off in the Tokyo 2020 final: Chen Long and Viktor Axelsen.

V. Axelsen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Chen Long, speaking just before the opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, said, “I’d been waiting five years” (since Rio 2016). I intend to improve with every match and play as if it were the championship.

V. Axelsen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

This morning, he gave weight to his statements by advancing to the finals with a dominating 21-16, 21-11 victory over Anthony Sinisuka Ginting of Indonesia in a match that lasted just 56 minutes.

Ginting, who is known for his devastating offensive shots, had few opportunity to use them since Chen Long’s shot accuracy was so high throughout the entire match.

Morten Frost, the game’s colour commentator, noted that Chen Long was the only player in the tournament who could master the drift at both ends of the court with his lifts.

The final for the gold medal is tomorrow, and he’ll be facing Viktor Axelsen of Denmark.

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Axelsen is having a Fantastic Season.

Six of the seven tournaments he competed in that year saw him go to the final round, and he won three of them. This year, he has a perfect win-loss record of 36-3.

Axelsen defeated Chen Long in three sets at the 2020 Malaysia Masters quarterfinals, 21-11, 12-21, 22-20.

Besides this one point, Chen Long has the upper hand in their head-to-head matchup in every other category. Chen Long has won 14 of their 19 matches while Axelsen has won only 5.

They’ve played each other 19 times, with two of those matches occurring in championship matches (at the Tahoe China Open in 2017 and the The Star Australian Open in 2015, respectively). Both times, Chen Long came out on top. In spite of this, both matches were decided after a full three games.

They also faced each other in the Olympic semifinals at Rio 2016. Chen Long triumphed in two straight games, 21-14 and 21-15.

Axelsen has reached 41 career championship games, winning 24 of them.

When compared, Chen Long has Reached 54 Finals in His Career and won 31 of them.

Sixteen of Chen Long’s 54 finals were decided by a maximum of two sets. And only six of those 16 three-setters have gone beyond his control.

Two of those six defeats came at the hands of Lin Dan, and two more went to Lee Chong Wei.

This reveals a great deal about the current badminton world champion and the era from which he emerged.

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Tomorrow in the final, Chen Long will have a Significant Mental edge against Axelsen.

After Lin Dan, Chen Long’s idol, Chen Long would surpass Lin Dan as the most successful male singles Olympic athlete if he were to win.

When it comes to technical prowess, Axelsen has a tiny edge due to his greater array of shot options. In a matchup against Chen Long, he would almost certainly win.

Though it has been less common in the last few of years, the Dane still sometimes loses his cool in the midst of gruelling bouts. If he performs up to his capabilities and doesn’t crack under pressure, he has a great shot at upsetting the incumbent champion.

When compared to this, Chen Long’s rock-solid reliability in Tokyo has been unbelievable. In the entire event, only Malaysia’s Lee Zii Jia posed any kind of challenge.

He was down a game in the match and tied at 19 in the second game. Even so, he was able to have the confidence to come from behind and secure a victory that ultimately decided the series.

The rest of Chen Long’s matches have consisted of him merely strolling around the court.