V. Milou Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

French skateboarder Vincent Milou rose to fame thanks to tears, friendship, and determination.

The French skater has set his sights firmly on the SLS Super Crown Final as he works tirelessly to hone his skills in preparation for Paris 2024, when he hopes to compete in the street skateboarding Olympics.

V. Milou Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

For Vincent Milou, skating is a Nonstop Passion.

The 25-year-old French skateboarder is relentless in his pursuit of greatness, as seen by his series of spectacular achievements on the competition circuit and his odysseys around the US shooting clips for his current video pieces.

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The Effort was not Wasted, Though.

He attributes his increase in popularity over the past several years to his dedication to the subculture of street skating, in addition to his skill on the skatepark.

Skate partners matter, Milou says in an exclusive interview with Olympics.com. To paraphrase, “If you skate with a nice group of friends, they motivate you; if they are also good at skating, it helps you grow, be inspired, and become the best.

Having films featured in magazines is a great confidence booster before a tour, especially when you’re representing multiple labels. As a result of being in the company of others, you quickly improve your skating skills. Then, at a competition, you realise that you’ve improved.

It’s not surprise that the Bayonne native would have Olympic aspirations, but Milou’s mantra of “stronger together” sounds like it was lifted straight from the Olympic creed.

In the same way that all top-tier professional skateboarders get steely resolve whenever improvement is mentioned, Milou is no exception. The Games are a platform where he hopes to show his best performance.

I aim to Triumph.

Because of this, I must leave. The Frenchman puts his ideas for Paris 2024 quite simply. “We’re all here to relax and let our hair down a bit, but ultimately, we’re all here because we’re competitive and want to win.

While the Games’ legendary meaning is universal, “all I want is to win an Olympic medal here in my home country.”

Milou doesn’t elaborate on whether or if his statement has an extra dose of resolve after missing the podium by by 1.21 points at skateboarding’s Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 in 2021.

Nonetheless, he Says that he is Pleased with his Accomplishment:

That day, I skated exceptionally well. Fourth place is better than last for me.

He is confident that his parents would be overjoyed to see him triumph on La Place de la Concorde in two years over Olympic champion Horigome Yuto of Japan and the extraordinary American Nyjah Huston. They weren’t always on board with him skateboarding, he admits.

My parents pushed for me to join a team sport like football or basketball when I was a kid so that I could join a group and make friends.

Around the time I was 12, I stopped wanting to attend sports instruction and instead spent my time skating on the side. Only skating satisfied my need to glide.

When I first started crying and not wanting to go to football, they weren’t pleased. I just wanted to skate, therefore I didn’t want to go.

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Milou’s Emotional Appeal, Complete with Tears, was Ultimately Successful. Ever Since then, he’s been a Regular at the Rink.

Next stop on the jet-setting The French skater will continue his 2022 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) season in Las Vegas, Nevada (October 8-9) and hopes to improve on his current position of second place to earn a berth in the Super Crown Final the following month.

Milou will continue to have his hands busy as he prepares for the Paris 2024 Olympics in between filming roles, as the qualification process for the Olympics has begun.

Skateboarding in the streets and parks is where the ambitious skateboarder with his sights set on the top prize hopes to spend as much of his time as possible.