How To ‘Walmart MoneyCard Activate’ Guide

Well, a Walmart MoneyCard is a really cool card that is mostly like a debit card. You can use it to get things but at a certain limit. This card is ideal to give as gifts too. You can give it to your teenage kids after setting the amount that they can spend on the prepaid credit.

It helps them learn the value of money and inculcates the spirit of thoughtful spending. That is all really great things to learn in life and this card helps a lot. If you have got the card then you need to activate the card too.

Do You Have to Activate a Walmart Card?

Yes, activating your Walmart MoneyCard is essential for security reasons. Until you activate the card, you won’t be able to use it. Activation ensures that the card has been received by the correct person and verifies the user’s identity.

Walmart MoneyCard Activate: How To Activate Your Walmart Money Card

We will tell you all you need to know about the card as well as how you can activate the card too. So have no worries because we are here for you. So if you have not got a card yet then you might want to start with the process of getting one and then we can move on to the activation part.

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Who Qualifies For a Walmart MoneyCard?

Well if you are 18 or above then you qualify for a Walmart MoneyCard. It is as simple as that. They will not look at your credit or if you have a bank account or not in order to issue a MoneyCard to you.

If you are 16-17 then you can get a card with parental permission. This is all that there is. You will get a Walmart MoneyCard if you just pass the bare minimum of the qualification.

Walmart MoneyCard Fees

There is some common fee that you have to pay when you are using the Walmart MoneyCard. It is not much but for the sake of the first time users, we have included all of them in the list as follows –

  • An issuance fee of 3 dollars is the first thing that they are going to charge you.
  • Then you have a reload fee of 3 dollars. This will be not charged if you are making a direct deposit at Walmart.
  • A monthly maintenance fee is also going to be charged 3 dollars.

How Do You Get a Walmart MoneyCard?

You can order a Walmart MoneyCard online and then you will get that by mail within 7 to 10 days. Or if you want the card immediately then you can go to Walmart and get the card at the checkout. You will have to pay the 3 dollars of issuance fee.

You can also deposit the money on the card as you are checking out. It is very easy to do so. Just tell the cashier how much you want to deposit and give them the cash. Then you will be able to use the Walmart MoneyCard after activating it since money is already deposited.

How To Activate and Unlock Walmart MoneyCard?

Well if you want to activate the Walmart MoneyCard then these is the steps that you can go about –

Step 1: The first thing you can do is go to the Walmart activation page and then enter the details that they ask for. Something they need is a card number, a three-digit security code, expiration month and year, the last four digits of your social security number, and card PIN. Then after entering that click on the Next button.

Step 2. You can also call on the number 1-877-937-4098. You need to keep your card close as they will ask for the info. That’s it. By either of the two methods, you can activate the card.

How To Register New Walmart MoneyCard?

You can register for a new Walmart MoneyCard in no time and this can be done in a few easy steps. Check it out for yourself guys –

Step 1: First you need to log in to the account that you have. Then click on the Register New Card option present there.

Step 2: Enter the card number that you have and then enter the 3-digit security code. This is present at the back of the card where you can easily find it.

That’s it. Now you have registered for a new Walmart MoneyCard in no time. Be happy about it and wait for the card to arrive.

How Do I Activate My Walmart MoneyCard Without SSN?

While having an SSN simplifies the activation process, it’s not the only way to activate your Walmart MoneyCard. If you don’t have an SSN, you can:

  • Use an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number): If you’re a non-U.S. resident, you may have an ITIN, which can be used in place of an SSN.
  • Visit a Walmart Store: In-person verification may be possible at a Walmart customer service desk.
  • Provide Alternative Documentation: Some people have successfully used other forms of government-issued identification to activate their card.

How Do I Verify My Walmart MoneyCard?

Verification typically involves confirming your identity and address. Here are some methods for doing so:

  • Online Verification: Log in to your Walmart MoneyCard account and follow the verification steps.
  • App Verification: If you’ve downloaded the Walmart MoneyCard app, you can complete the verification process through the app.
  • Phone Verification: Automated systems or customer service agents can help verify your account over the phone.

What Is the Phone Number to Activate a Walmart Visa Card?

To activate your Walmart Visa Card or Walmart MoneyCard, you can call Walmart’s activation hotline at 1-877-965-7848. Customer service agents are available to assist you with the activation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my Walmart MoneyCard immediately after activation?
A: Yes, your card should be ready for use immediately after successful activation.

Q: Is there a fee for activating my Walmart MoneyCard?
A: No, there is generally no charge for activating your card.

Q: What if I fail the verification process?
A: If you fail the verification process, you’ll likely need to provide additional documentation or visit a Walmart store for in-person verification.

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