Women 400M Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Two American women ran the fastest ever 400-meter hurdles at the Olympics, winning gold and silver.

The United States swept the medals in the fastest-ever women’s 400-Meter hurdles at the Olympic Games.

Women 400M Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On the track, the 400-meter hurdles has stood out as the most exciting competition thus far in the Tokyo Olympics.

In the last stretch, American runner Sydney McLaughlin came from behind to set a new world record and win the gold medal in the Olympics. The men’s world record was broken in the preceding event less than 24 hours ago.

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In the women’s event, the current world record holder faced off against the reigning Olympic champion. Both of them represent the United States in their respective sports.

McLaughlin, at the age of 21, had already set a new world record in June at the United States Olympic trials.

There had never been a woman to run the event in less than 52 seconds before. She ran a 51.46 on Wednesday.

After the race, McLaughlin explained, “it’s simply the deluge of emotions that you don’t know how to digest.”

Former world record holder and Olympian Dalilah Muhammad, 31, took gold in this competition at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. In Tokyo, she ran a personal best of 51.58 seconds and won silver.

McLaughlin claims that competition with Muhammad only helps to further their development. “That’s just a case of like resharpening like, in my opinion. You should find yourself a partner who will encourage you to improve yourself. Also, I believe that is where we really shine.”

She claimed that she saw no competition between the two:

“We’re on good terms now. For me, it’s about two hard-working female athletes who are motivated to excel because they know they have a partner in another outstanding young lady who will show them the way.”

Muhammad has been around the block a few times, and she says it has helped her appreciate the silver medal more. “I may feel conflicted about coming home with silver after setting a new world record, but right now I couldn’t be prouder of my performance. Having worked so hard on it, “In the words of Muhammad.

After finishing the race, the two female competitors embraced each other.

Femke Bol of the Netherlands took third place in the marathon.

This Olympics has been huge for the 400-meter hurdles.

In the final race for the men, two of the fastest men in history faced off against each other.

Karsten Warholm of Norway broke his own world record by 0.75 seconds. Even more impressive is the fact that American Rai Benjamin followed close behind him with a time that was actually faster than the previous world record.

According to McLaughlin, “a little bit of enthusiasm and adrenaline, for sure,” was inspired by watching the men’s race.

It’s awesome to be part of the next wave of athletes testing the limits of possibility.

Achieve a 400M Double in The Bahamas:

With a final-straight burst of speed that left the competition in her dust, Shaunae Miller-Uibo won her second straight 400-meter gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

On Friday (August 6), Miller-Uibo recorded a personal best time of 48.36 seconds to win the 400-meter event at the Olympics, making her only the second woman to do it and the first since France’s Marie-Jose Perec in the 1992-1996 Olympic cycles.

I’m almost Inconsolable with Joy right now “Miller-Uibo, who is 27 Years old, Stated.

It’s incredible that I was able to do this after struggling with so many injuries. I am extremely grateful that I was able to win gold in both events and set a new record for the area.”

For the Dominican Republic, Marileidy Paulino clocked in at a silver medal-winning 49.20 seconds, setting a new national record.

Allyson Felix, a legend in the United States, won bronze in 49.46 seconds to make history as the most decorated female Olympian in athletics. Stephenie Ann McPherson, also from Jamaica, finished in fourth with a timing of 49.61 seconds, just edging out Candice McLeod for the final podium spot (49.87).

Miller-Uibo became the first man from the Bahamas to win an individual Olympic gold in any event 24 hours after Steven Gardiner won gold in the men’s 400m. It’s great that the two of them can now boast joint ownership of Olympic gold medals.

At the start of the year, Miller-Uibo claimed that the 200-meter dash was her primary priority and that the 400-meter dash was not on her Tokyo agenda. She delayed defending her Olympic titles in both events until until recently. On Tuesday, she competed in the finals of the 200-meter dash, where she placed eighth.

“Miller-Uibo remarked, “I simply had to go through a whole lot of stuff” to get to the point where she was disappointed with her performance in the shorter distance.

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That I should just forget about it and go on.

So I went for it, and this time I didn’t even think about the clock, allowing me to win yet another gold medal for my efforts. The nicest part is that I just won another gold medal.”

Miller-Uibo was in top form for the 400-meter final, ready to defend the gold medal she won in Rio by dodging Felix with a last-second dive.