X. Tang Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The male 200-meter sprint was won by Tang Xingqiang, who bested the previous record holder Xie Zhenye.

X. Tang Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On Wednesday, Xi’an, in the province of Shaanxi in Northwest China, hosted the men’s 200-meter final of the 14th National Games.

X. Tang Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Many had pegged Tang Xingqiang, the Zhejiang team’s “dark horse” athlete, to take gold. However, he ended up finishing second to Xie Zhenye, the event record holder.

Xie had a strong start to Wednesday night’s final after the starter’s pistol was fired, needing only 0.158 seconds to reach full speed. It appeared that Xie was going to win easily in the first part of the tournament because to his veteran sprinting and cornering talents.

Within the final 20 metres, however, everything changed as Tang utilised a final burst of muscle to close the gap between himself and Xie, who appeared a little taken aback when his adversary pulled up next to him.

A real “final sprinter,” Tang overtook Xie in the last seconds of the race and sprinted to victory in a personal best time of 20.39 seconds to win the gold medal. Xie ended up with silver, and Sheng Chao, a sprinter, took home bronze.

Sports fans were captivated by the showdown between the two superstar sprinters, with many calling the 26-year-old “dark horse’s” victory over the veteran a “dramatic” turn of events.

“Since Xie had previously won every National Games he entered, I figured he was just putting on a show this time around.

Even if I root for Xie, I must admit that Tang deserves my sincerest praise. I have to admit, he really got into the spirit of competition “An athlete by the name of Wang Simiao, who has ran marathons, has spoken to the Global Times.

Team Fujian’s Tang Agreed, saying he also had no Idea he might Win.

Despite Xie’s defeat, support for the athlete came from all corners of the internet, with users insisting that the result in no way reflected Xie’s true strength.

There is no denying Xie is still the most competitive participant here.

This time, his defeat was the result of a confluence of factors, including an injury and fatigue from competing in two major competitions (the Tokyo Olympic Games and the National Games) in a very short period of time “Track & field fan Sun Yangming spoke to the Global Times.

Xie informed reporters after the competition that he hasn’t been feeling great this year and that the outcome was expected.

“The track and field scene in China has been improving steadily throughout the years. In my opinion, we’ll keep becoming better “A fact Xie took notice of.

The two sprinters, together with China’s record-setting athlete Su Bingtian and another famous runner Wu Zhiqiang, participated as a team in the Men’s 4x100m relay final at the Tokyo Olympic Games before competing at the National Games, with Tang taking the opening leg.