Y Nishida Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Y Nishida Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

It’s the Olympics, and Nishida is playing volleyball for Japan.

Y Nishida Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Yuji Nishida, the outside spiker for the Japanese men’s volleyball team, has been a driving force at the Olympics, despite playing with two injuries, as he revealed on Tuesday.

Y Nishida Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Nishida scored only eight points against Venezuela, but he went off for a game-high 23 in Japan’s comeback victory over Canada on Monday.

The 21-year-old has been sidelined with a sprained ankle and a thigh muscle ailment since the conclusion of the team’s Nations League campaign last month.

I still have some pain (from the thigh injury) and haven’t entirely recovered. Nishida told reporters, “I’m going to push my body to the limit because it’s the Olympics and I want to fight.”

Since winning (against Canada) will benefit the team as a whole,

“I thought I should perform well for the people who have supported me,” the player said.

Nishida claimed he was still performing at approximately “70%” of his best despite the injuries, and Japan coach Yuichi Nakagaichi was relieved to see his player vent some of his fury against Canada.

He put in a lot of effort, and I was rooting for him to see some sort of improvement in his playing as a result. “And now Nishida is back,” Nakagaichi stated.

Yuki Ishikawa, captain of the 11th-ranked Japanese volleyball team, is drawing motivation from the country’s rich athletic history after the team has failed to win an Olympic medal in the sport since 1972, when they won gold.

Japan has Dominated the Olympic Competition, Taking nine Gold medals in a Variety of Disciplines from Judo to Skateboarding.

Ishikawa reflected on the audience’s impact, saying, “They motivated us and they made us want to put on a wonderful performance on such a stage.”

“We’ve been motivated in part by the excellence of other teams, like the basketball and women’s volleyball squads.”


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