Z.Y. Shi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Shi, a Chinese weightlifter, set a new personal best and won the gold medal.

With an easy victory in the men’s 73-kilogram weight class, Shi Zhiyong set the first weightlifting world record of the Tokyo Olympics.

Z.Y. Shi Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The Olympic Gold Medal is all You get? Not Enough for Shi Zhiyong.

On Wednesday, he easily won gold in the men’s 73-kilogram division at the Tokyo Olympics, setting the first weightlifting world record of the games.

Not winning a gold medal is what really gets me going; it’s the prospect of improving upon my personal best. In other words, that means a great deal to me,” Shi stated through an interpreter.

I would be disappointed in myself if I didn’t try to beat my own personal best in order to win a gold medal.”

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Shi lifted a total 364 kilogrammes to shatter his own world record by one kilogramme and win gold for China for the second consecutive Olympics.

It was Barely a Match for the Gold Medal as Second-Place Julio Mayora of Venezuela Lifted 19kg less.

Securing silver and his country’s first medal in Tokyo, Mayora tried and failed to break Shi’s record of 198 kilogrammes in the clean and jerk before finishing the competition with a backflip.

Four golds and a silver have been won by the five Chinese weightlifters who have participated thus far in Tokyo.

Rahmat Erwin Abdullah of Indonesia won bronze in weightlifting despite having to lift hours earlier in the “B” group for competitors who have registered lower beginning weights.

As a rule, “B” lifters are relegated to the background at the Olympics, but Abdullah stayed for the evening session to watch as more well-known athletes tried and failed to beat his 342 kg total.

His father, who was supposed to compete for Indonesia in the 2004 Olympics but was injured, served as an inspiration, and he added, “The only thing I do is simply pray.”

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Some of the Medal Hopefuls Appeared to be Confused by Abdullah’s Very high Total from the first Session.

While his score was included in the final tally, it was not displayed on the arena screens among the “A” competitors.

It appears that some lifters and their coaches recalculated their starting weights after realising they had forgotten to factor in Abdullah.

After a “awful” snatch, C.J. Cummings’ chances of becoming the first American male weightlifting medalist since 1984 were slim. Cummings almost won bronze in the clean and jerk competition when he attempted to lift 198 kilogrammes, but he failed.

As the saying goes, “I haven’t finished yet. I have to take this challenge as a chance to improve myself and my skills “previous world junior champion he told AP. There’s a lot more of this left in me.