How To ‘USAA.Com/Activate’ Guide

USAA is one of the best cards that you can get. They have both credit and debit cards so you can choose one that suits your needs the best. We have compiled in this article the way in which you can enjoy the benefits of the cards by activating them. Yes, you do not get the cards pre-activated because of security reasons.

The users have to activate the cards themselves and that is why we are here to tell you how to activate your card. A lot of people so do not know how to do it and looking for a guide. Well, you do not have to look any further so without any further ado just give this a read. We will start the guide with the activation process by phone.


How To USAA.Com/Activate Credit Card by Phone?

Here are the steps that you are going to need in order to activate the USAA credit card using the phone. This is not an option that is used by a lot of people since most of them just do it online but if you are someone who would rather do it over the phone than online then we totally understand.

This is a pretty simple procedure too and it should not require much of your time. You just need to be careful while providing the info and that’s all. So take a look at the steps –

Step 1: First you need to get your phone and make a call at the number of 210-531-8722. Here you will be talking to a customer service agent and they will help you activate the card. Sometimes there is an automated message playing that should be easy enough too.

Step 2: They are going to ask for some details regarding the card and the personal info like your social security number. Make sure that you provide the correct info that you requested to provide.

Step 3: After you have given all the necessary info to them and they check out that all your info is authentic and not fraud then they will activate the credit card for you.

Note – Make sure that you have all the important documents and the info right by your side when you are making the call because you are going to need those. Arrange everything beforehand so that you do not fumble it and mess up the activation process. It is better to be ready and organized.

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How to Activate Your USAA Credit Card Online?

Well, this method is preferred by a lot of people. Many people so do not want to call and talk to other people. In the world of online everything, it is obvious that most people will choose to activate the credit card using the online method.

This is also a pretty easy and simple method and you are going to find this a lot easier than the phone method if you are an introvert and you do not want to talk to anyone else on the call let alone a stranger customer support service member. So here are the steps, you should check it out for yourself  –

Step 1: Go to a web browser and then open the official site of the USAA cards. You are going to find them quite easily with just a single search on any web browser. It is usually the top result.

Step 2: Sign in to your account. If you do not have an account then you need to make one. If you do not have an account then you can not activate the credit card.

Step 3: Now click on the ‘Activate card’ option and you are going to get a number of fields where you have to enter the info that they are asking for. They are probably going to ask for your card number, date of birth, social security number, card expiration date, and CVV code.

Step 4: After that you will be able to wait it out while the process is being completed. That is it, guys. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the card that you want.

How to USAA.Com/Activate Debit Card?

Here is the way in which you can activate your debit card. Well, you have to follow the steps properly for that to happen so pay attention –

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is head over to the official website for the company. Then you need to go to the link ‘Member Access’. You are going to be taken to a new page.

Step 2: You will need to log in to your account and then select the My Accounts option present there.

Step 3: Finally click on the Activate Debit Card option. You are going to find that there are on-screen prompts appearing that you need to follow and then follow the instructions that appear. That is it. Once you complete that your card is going to be activated.

Note – If you want to use the debit card then you might need to go on ahead and deposit some cash in your account because it is a pre-paid card and if there is no cash in your account then you can not use it either. So make sure that you have money in your account before you use the card.

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Thank you so much for giving this article here a read. We are sure that you are going to find it really very easy to activate the credit and the debit card. We would like to hear from you so make sure that you leave a comment behind in the comment section.

We highly appreciate the effort and we always got your back so thank you once again and have a nice day!