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A. Benchabla Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Seven Algerian boxers have qualified for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

A. Benchabla Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On Wednesday, at the Olympic qualifying event in Dakar, Senegal, Algeria confirmed its status as the dominant force in African boxing by sending seven boxers to the Olympics.

A. Benchabla Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On a stunning day of competition, seven of the eight Algerian boxers who had made it to the last four stage won, guaranteeing them a spot at this summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Included among the victorious was 33-year-old Abdelhafid Benchabla, who will be competing in his fourth Olympics, but his first as a heavyweight after been eliminated from the light-heavyweight division in the quarterfinals in each of his previous three Olympic appearances.

“I’m not Settling for Fifth Place Anymore,” Benchabla Declared.

Both Mohamed Flissi (flyweight) and Chouaib Bouloudinats (super-heavyweight) will be making their third Olympic appearances.

The last African country to win Olympic gold was the North African nation of Algeria in 1996, thanks to Hocine Soltani. According to super heavyweight Chouaib Bouloudinats, who will be competing in his third Olympics, that legacy is still blazing brightly today.

As in Russia, Cuba, and Kazakhstan (respectively in Europe, America, and Asia), “we have a long history of boxing, but our performance here is proof that Algeria is the home of boxing in Africa.”

With only two more rounds to go, the Africa Olympic Qualifying competition in Dakar is quickly coming to a close. As of right now, 26 boxers have qualified for the Olympics in Tokyo this summer. However, there are still seven spots up for grabs, along with a lot of pride.

Morocco sent four boxers and hopes for two more in the box-offs, but arguably the most astonishing tale of the event has been Zambia, who sent only a team of three to Dakar and all of them qualified, despite the average age of the team being only 19 years old.

In Tokyo, keep an eye out for Patrick Chinyemba, Everisto Mulenga, and Stephen Zimba.

According to Zimba, the group will be Visiting Japan as Promised to the People of Zambia.

We came as a group of three, and now all three of us are qualified to participate. Our accomplishment will get widespread acclaim back home. In Zambia, boxing is second only to soccer in terms of popularity.

Cameroon, Mozambique, and Tunisia each sent two qualifiers, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Mauritius, and Namibia each sent one.

Nick Okoth, captain of the Kenyan squad, will be 37 years old by the time the Games begin. He qualified for the Olympics for the first time since Beijing in 2008, and he found the experience deeply moving.

Okoth explained, “My wife contacted me today and ordered me to go obtain the ticket. “I asked her whether she realised how difficult the battles were here. “You are tougher!” she exclaimed.

I’ll never forget the day I was able to return to a place I’d visited 12 years before. I know what this means for the coaches and the people of Kenya, as none of the Kenyans who fought today have made it.

Richarno Colin, a Boxer from Mauritius, was another Fighter Wiping Away Tears.

He cried happy tears and acknowledged as much. So much effort went into qualifying for my third Olympics, following Beijing and London. I am not a professional boxer; instead, I work as a handyman at the Sports Council during the day and devote my evenings to training.

To paraphrase, “This is unique. To compete in Tokyo and finish on the podium would be a dream come true.

It’s Inevitable that when there are Victors, there will also be Losers.

Both Ghana and Uganda started the day with high expectations after having five fighters advance to the semi-finals. Yet, the box-offs still provide four boxers from both nations a shot at making it to Tokyo.

There will be no sessions on Thursday, but on Friday and Saturday there will be 13 finals and seven box-offs in the women’s flyweight category and the men’s weight categories between the flyweight and light-heavyweight divisions.

Soon after the Senegal match concludes, all eyes will turn to Amman, Jordan, where the Asia and Oceania qualifier will begin on Tuesday due to the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan, China.

B. Jalolov Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


Defending his Olympic super-heavyweight title, Bakhodir Jalolov

Uzbekistan’s first-ever Olympic boxing champion, Bakhodir Jalolov, won a brutal final against Richard Tozzer of the United States.

B. Jalolov Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

B. Jalolov Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Uzbekistan’s first Olympic boxing champion, Bakhodir Jalolov, extended his arms in triumph after defeating Richard Torrez Jr. of the United States in the super-heavyweight 91 kilogramme division.

It was their second fight in as many years, but unlike their first encounter, the 27-year-old did not violently knock out the American this time around. Even though the 22-year-old had more experience going into the fight, the judges gave Jalolov the win by a score of 5-0.

The Uzbek athlete afterwards commented, “The last bout was incredibly challenging.” Being a champion still seems like a dream to me. Many athletes, I believe, harbour secret ambitions to win an Olympic gold medal.

Like many kids, this was a fantasy of mine when I was younger. With this newfound knowledge, I was able to complete the task.

Being a champion still seems like a dream to me. Many athletes, I believe, harbour secret ambitions to win an Olympic gold medal.

One of My Childhood Fantasies also Involved Doing this.

Thank goodness, I was finally able to succeed.

Torrez and his opponent had last met at the 2019 AIBA World Boxing Championships, but the memory of his loss didn’t appear to bother him as he went into the Kokugikan Arena to the sounds of Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” with confidence and poise. He intended to get even, and he was serious.

He came out Swinging in the Opening Round, Creating a Fast Pace and Landing Several Blows.

Although the Uzbek was much taller than Torrez, the latter was the superior fighter. Shots from the recently professionalised Jalolov sailed wide as the amateur American dove out of the way. The first round was a victory, and he celebrated by returning to his corner and his coach, Billy Walsh of the United States.

Jalolov, who placed sixth in the competition at Rio 2016, started hitting his knockout strikes by the second round. Shortly after the referee stopped the bout to tend to Tozzer’s cut, the American resumed the melee.

The world champion appeared dangerous, and despite Tozzer’s best efforts, the champion landed many right jabs.

Nonetheless, Tozzer did a good job of protecting himself, determined that there would be no knockouts. The Uzbek athlete won the round with a unanimous vote from the judges.

The youthful challenger fought valiantly until the final bell of the third round, with support from his American team, but Jalolov, who had also fought valiantly, triumphed by unanimous decision to claim gold in the final boxing match of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

His bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney was the only previous medal won by a boxer from his country, so his gold medal is more significant.

Tozzer, who had hoped for gold, lamented, “I had the world in my hands, and it slipped, and I watched it fall and break, and I’m trying to pick up the pieces.”

A huge guy, that one. I’d want to offer my sincere congratulations to this amazing competitor.

The act of getting hit while in the ring is not enjoyable. If you were to ask anyone, they would tell you that they have a plan until they got hit in the mouth. I was knocked off balance once, but I got back up and kept going.

Jalolov didn’t Drop a Single game on his Journey to the Championship.

He also won 5-0 over both Satish Kumar of India and Mahammad Abdullayev of Azerbaijan, as well as the bronze medalist, Frazer Clarke of Great Britain.

Torrez beat Kamshybek Kunkabayev, of Kazakhstan, in the semi-finals, and Kunkabayev won bronze.

Y.F. Chen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


A woman from China named CHEN Yu Fei triumphed in the badminton singles competition, taking home the gold medal.

In a nail-biting conclusion to the women’s badminton singles tournament, Chinese player CHEN Yu Fei defeated her Chinese Taipei opponent TAI Tzu-Ying to claim victory.

Y.F. Chen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Y.F. Chen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

During the women’s badminton singles final at Tokyo 2020, China’s CHEN Yu Fei defeated Chinese Taipei’s TAI Tzu-Ying, the world number one, in a thrilling two sets to one match.

The match between the two favourites lasted an intense 81 minutes. At the Musashino Forest Sport Plaza on August 1st, a match between 23-year-old Chen and 27-year-old Tai came down to a tight final game.

Although Chen, a World Championship medalist making her Olympic debut, jumped out to a 10-3 lead, Tai fought back and closed the gap to 18-15. While the Chinese player was ecstatic to get the 19th point and increase the gap between herself and Tai, Tai quickly responded and it was soon 19-17.

Now all that mattered was which athlete could maintain their composure the longest. Despite Tai’s comeback at 20-17, Chen won the game by scoring the next three points and clinching the match at 21-18. Both athletes had at their limit by this point.

Having watched her compatriots WANG Chi-Lin and LEE Yang defeat China’s LI Jun Hui and LIU Yu Chen in the men’s doubles badminton final the day before, Tai, who advanced to the round of 16, intended to stamp her country’s domination on the sport.

World champion and silver medalist from Rio 2016 Pusarla of India won bronze after defeating HE Bing Jao of China 21-13, 21-15.

I’m very Delighted, it’s Incredible,” Chen Remarked After the Match.

I have considered this, even dreamed about it, but I am aware of how challenging it will be to make it a reality. I blanked out once the final score was decided. My mind was completely blank, and I have no idea what I did.

After receiving the silver medal, Tai commented, “I think I performed quite well today, but my opponent did even better.” Tai acknowledged that she had committed too many mistakes in the third game. In the third game, I made too many blunders and lost.

This has been an issue for me for a long time; it’s unfortunate that it was brought up again. I put forth a valiant effort to catch up, but my previous errors had already cost me too much time.


I will play till the end of this year,” she said when asked if she planned to continue competing after Tokyo 2020. I will give whatever happens next my whole attention.

We are a long way off from Paris in 2024. I’ve spent the better part of my life on stage, and now I’d like to take a break and recharge. Thanks for reading our article Y.F. Chen Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

R. Romero Torres Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


In Japan, Rogelio Romero.

R. Romero Torres Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Olympic boxer Rogelio Romero of Chihuahua is already in Japan with the rest of the national team.

R. Romero Torres Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

On Friday night, Romero left Mexico alongside other boxers Esmeralda Flacón and Briana Tamara Cruz. It’s all of the athletes competing in this field.

Coaches Octavio J. Robles and César Morales, together with delegate Abel Vargas Valencia, made the trip as well.

Due to the lack of a qualification competition and the allocation of spots based on global ranking, the delegation is quite modest.

Romero, who was born in Ciudad Juárez and competes in the 81 kilogramme division, was the only Mexican male to fare well in those rankings.

Seven days from now, on July 25, Romero will be thrust into action; until then, he will likely be sequestered. His first-round opponent is still unknown.

Rogelio plans to compete in the Olympics to try to earn the third boxing medal for the state of Chihuahua. Our state’s fighters, Cristian Bejarano in 2000 and Misael Rodrguez in 2016, both won bronze medals in this event in the most recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Héctor López, who won silver in Los Angeles in 1984, was the last Mexican boxer to make it to the finals of his division, and Ricardo Delgado won gold for Mexico in 1968.

Romero was joined at the Mexico City airport by his teammates boxers, as well as swimmers ngel Martnez and Gabriel Catao, and weightlifter Jonathan Muoz.

The Mexican Athletes in beach Volleyball, Badminton, and Taekwondo Left Shortly Thereafter.

There will be certain activities, including softball, at the Tokyo Olympics before the official start date of July 23, which has been delayed by more than a year because to the Covid-19 outbreak. Sunday, August 8th is the last day.

Rogelio Romero Torres

Infancy: 22 February, 1995

How old am I? 26

Stature: 5.91 feet

Expressed in kilogrammes: 81

Boxing as a Discipline

Ratio: 81 kilogrammes

A Wilson Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


The Emory University swimmer on Team USA is a huge fan of mathematical applications.

In addition to being the first Olympic swimmer from Division III, Wilson is the first to represent Emory University in the Olympics.

A Wilson Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A Wilson Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

After competing on the international arena, not many Olympians go on to Oxford University to acquire their master’s in mathematical modelling and scientific computing.

But academics have always been a strong suit for Andrew Wilson. His post-Olympics plan involves returning to Emory University to finish his degree.

The 27-year-old swimmer had a 3.96 GPA and double majored in applied math at Emory. Wilson was one of the worst swimmers on the team when he first got there.

What’s his Secret to Success? Constant work and Guidance from a Master Coach.

I don’t think there’s any secret to swimming; Wilson said it plainly: “If you put in the time and effort, you’ll get results.”

Coach Jon Howell, who has been at Emory for 24 years, says that Wilson went from being a good swimmer to someone who could “knock on the international stage” during his tenure with the team. What Wilson lacked in natural skill, according to Howell, he made up for with his desire.

Howell has observed that whenever Andrew experiences adversity, “he concentrates on what went wrong and to attempt to go forward to do better.”

He then joined a post-graduate squad at UGA and began training in Athens. The path that Wilson has taken to the Olympics is not just unusual, but also unprecedented. He is Emory’s first Olympian swimmer and the first athlete from a Division III school to make the U.S. Olympic team.

Wilson’s interest in the Olympics is relatively new compared to those of the other squad members, but he still intends to give it his all.

He went on to say that he believes any youngster that swims in summer league and watches the Olympics thinks, “man, that would be so awesome,” and has an Olympic dream. There was a very slim chance that I would ever reach that destination, but I accepted that reality with realism and acceptance.

For Wilson, the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 will mark the end of his athletic career before he heads off to Oxford.

This next Saturday, July 24th, Wilson will compete in the 100 and 200 metre breaststroke events.

Her Time at the Olympics

  • Previously a member of the Olympic team (2020)
  • This will be the sixth Olympic Games, held in Tokyo in 2020. (100-meter breaststroke)

A Taste of the World Championships

  • In 2019, they won silver in the 4×100 medley relay and the mixed 4×100 medley relay, and they were sixth overall (100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke)
  • Participation Years: 2019
  • Two medals for this team! (2 silvers)
  • In 2019 Silver will be worth: (4×100 medley relay, mixed 4×100 medley relay)

Her Personal History, in Part:

He was the first swimmer from Division III to make the Olympic team, and he went to one of the best boarding schools in the country in Massachusetts, where he excelled at both swimming and water polo.

His sister swam for Northwestern, and his mother competed in gymnastics there.

He is an avid enthusiast of automobiles and the band Hoobastank.

Johannes Thingnes Bboe 2022 Winter Olympics


Olympic champions Boe and Braisaz-Bouchet triumph in harsh weather.

Johannes Thingnes Bboe 2022 Winter Olympics

As the wind caused havoc on the biathlon course, the number of penalty laps accumulated. Those two athletes who dealt with the pressure best—with the sharpest shooting and the fastest skiing, respectively—won Olympic gold medals.

Johannes Thingnes Bboe 2022 Winter Olympics

By winning the mass start race on Friday, Johannes Thingnes Boe joined Norwegian great Ole Einar Bjorndalen as the only men to win four gold medals in a single Winter Games.

It was France’s Justine Braisaz-Bouchet who came out on top in the women’s race, earning her country’s first medal of the Beijing Olympics.

Boe, who is also Norwegian, remarked, “The defining moment was my second prone when I shot clean and I went out in ahead.” After that, I was able to close the gap I needed, and I’ve never looked back.

All of the winners in both competitions maintained a perfect shooting record throughout all four range stations.

During the cross-country skiing portion of the competition, both Boe and Braisaz-Bouchet won despite missing four targets, while many others were penalised five, seven, or even ten loops.

Martin Ponsiluoma of Sweden, who finished second to Boe despite missing only two targets, remarked, “It was incredibly hard in the shooting in the race today.” “Both my shooting and skiing were on point today. My solo effort on the final loop propelled me to second place, and for that I am quite grateful.

In Beijing, Boe won a Record-Tying five Medals, Including Gold.

Besides the 10-kilometer sprint, he also took first place in two relays. The 20-kilometer individual event was where he received bronze.

Four of Bjorndalen’s gold medals came from the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

When Boe finished the race in 38 minutes, 14.6 seconds, he threw his arms in the air in triumph. Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen of Norway, who missed only three shots (and none in the final shooting stop), beat out Ponsiluoma by 40.3 seconds to win bronze.

Despite entering the race as a heavy favourite, French biathlete Quentin Fillon Maillet missed five shots (including three in the final standing) and finished in a disappointing sixth place. There was a fourth-place finish for him.

Three of Braisaz-early Bouchet’s strokes were missed, but she only missed one more on her way to the finish line, giving her the edge she needed to take the lead and hold onto it. In the end, she ran a 40:18 and took first place.

After the halfway point, “I felt really, really calm, actually,” Braisaz-Bouchet remarked of the race. I told myself, “OK, I’m feeling good on the track, I’m in the front of the race, the mass start, and I’m going to just concentrate on my own race.” Everything went smoothly because I approached everything step by step, and when I got to the shooting, I was completely relaxed.

Marte Olsbu Roeiseland of Norway won bronze, and His Colleague, Tiril Eckhoff, won Ssilver.

As a result, Roeiseland now has five medals from Beijing, three of which are gold.

Roeiseland followed in Bjoerndalen’s footsteps by becoming only the second biathlete in Olympic history to win a medal in all four individual events. The mixed relay was another one of her victories.

Due to predicted low temperatures and strong gusts, the women’s race was shifted from Saturday to Friday, right before the men’s event. Both races on Friday took place in windy conditions and temperatures of -13 degrees Celsius (8.6 degrees Fahrenheit) at the range.

The Athletes have been Weakened by the Bitter Weather and Wind.

Many of them had frost crests around their mouths and were wearing tape to protect their faces from the wind.

Many top runners will go the distance without missing a single shot, while others of their competitors may miss one or two. Unfortunately, in the races held on Friday, many competitors had six or more misses and no one cleaned all four bouts due to the strong winds.

Leaving the range 48 seconds after Braisaz-Bouchet, Eckhoff and Roeiseland both exited with a total of two missed targets. After a frantic pursuit, Eckhoff finished the race only 15.3 seconds behind the French woman.

Eckhoff’s third attempt at shooting was marred by strong winds, and she hesitated for a long time before firing her first shot for fear of making the same mistakes she did during the last race, when she missed the target five times.

“In my mind, I was picturing the same outcome as with the relay. But I was in a good frame of mind, and I made some adjustments,” she said. To alleviate the pain, I tried shifting my weight to my heels and bending at the knees.

I’m Relieved that my Shooting error total was so low.

It could as well have been five, too.”

Roeiseland stopped for a moment too, waiting for the right moment to start adapting.

Roeiseland described the gusts as “so much wind.” As Tiril and I share that space, we might say: (waiting to shoot). I could tell she was breathing because I could tell I was breathing and we both thought, “OK, maybe it (the wind) will be a bit better soon.”

I didn’t know what to do because of the high winds, so I took a shot in the dark and ended up with twice as many frames as I needed.

Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed in Surprise Attack, Ukraine Claims


According to the Ukrainian government, its forces attacked a Russian airport in the captured city of Kherson in the south, destroying 30 Russian helicopters in the process.

“The Chornobaivka airstrip, located close to Kherson, was shelled by Ukrainian troops at night. The occupiers stationed a portion of their fleet there.

Besides losing 30 helicopters, the enemy also lost a lot of personnel and machinery “According to a Facebook post by Ukraine’s Marine Command, as translated by the country’s state-run news outlet Ukrinform.

Russia has not commented on the strike or said whether or not it suffered any casualties, whether to helicopters or soldiers.

According to Google’s translation, the Marine Command post reads, “The morning in Ukraine for Russian evil spirits does not start with coffee.”

Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed in Surprise Attack

Last week, Russia conquered Kherson, a significant Ukrainian city and a crucial port on the Black Sea.

Russia has surrounded the port city of Mariupol as its troops spread out over the south of Ukraine.

Separate attacks on Russian forces near Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine were also detailed by Marine Command.

Who Leaked This Information?

Illia Ponomarenko, a defence correspondent for the Kyiv Independent, was among the many social media users who shared the story.


If this turns out to be true, the midnight operation will be a huge win for the Ukrainian military and a big setback for Putin.

Veteran of the Parachute Regiment James Deegan also tweeted the news, writing, “Ukrainian Marines have performed a direct action raid at Kherson Airfield.

Apparently destroying 30 Russian helicopters on the ground.” “A perfect example of a traditional special operations job.

I admire the bravery of the men who led the attack in the dark. Unconfirmed at this time video of the supposed incident has also been widely shared on social media.

A local of Kherson tweeted the footage, claiming that Russia has been blocking access to the airport there for five days.


Ukraine earlier declared that it. Thirty Russian helicopters have been destroyed. List Of Aircraft Losses During The 2022 Russian Invasion Of Ukraine.

Reply. At source 40, Octavia Gorczany’s work was released 19 hours ago. Thirty Russian Helicopters Destroyed in Surprise Attack, Ukraine Claims.

At least four Su-34 fighter/bomber aircraft, four Su-25 ground attack fighters, two Su-30 fighter jets, and nine attack helicopters were among the Russian aircraft shot down. Furthermore, the Ukrainian forces attacked and destroyed three military columns close to Mykolaiv, taking seven D-20 howitzers and ammunition.

Northern Lights on Halloween Weekend: Here’s Where a ‘Ghostly Green Glow’ Could be Visible


According to the University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Geophysical Institute, this Halloween weekend.

People as far away as Seattle, Washington, and as far east as Maine could view the northern lights.

Millions of Americans as far south as Pennsylvania could view the northern lights as early as Saturday night, depending on weather and other variables like light pollution.

Lights may be visible in the northern reaches of New York, Maine, North Dakota, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as well as throughout New England, according to research from the Geophysical Institute.

The Geophysical Institute predicts that “very active auroral displays” will be visible from Portland, Oregon, and New York City, depending on the weather.

The institute also notes that regions even further south may have a chance to glimpse the lights if they are situated low on the horizon.

City of Carson, Nevada; Oklahoma City; Raleigh, North Carolina are all examples of such places.

Can You See the Aurora Borealis from New Jersey?

It is possible that the Northern Lights may be seen from New Jersey on Saturday, October 30, 2021 if a powerful solar flare on October 28 triggers a geomagnetic storm on Earth.

The timing of the lights is ideal, sending a wave of ghosts throughout the northern states the night before Halloween.

Can I see the Aurora Borealis in New Jersey Tonight?

On Saturday, October 30, 2021, the Northern Lights may be visible from New Jersey if a powerful solar flare on October 28 triggers a geomagnetic storm on Earth.

Northern Lights on Halloween Weekend

The timing of the lights is perfect to send a wave of eerie energy across the northern states the night before Halloween.

In New Jersey, when do the Northern Lights Appear?

In the event of a powerful solar flare on October 28, 2021, Earth could be hit by a geomagnetic storm strong enough to make the Northern Lights visible in New Jersey on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

On the eve of Halloween, the northern states will be bathed in a flood of ghostly light from the perfectly synchronised lights.


This Halloween weekend, the sky may look spooky in some parts of the United States. Observers in the United States and Europe may get a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

These lights may appear this weekend due to a solar flare and “coronal mass ejection” (the discharge of plasma from the sun) on Thursday.

The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center predicts a G3 (strong) geomagnetic storm in response to the solar flare and ejection.

A storm of this magnitude has the potential to displace the Aurora from its regular viewing location near the North Pole.

A Bride Collapsed and Died at Her wedding. The Groom Then Married the Woman’s Sister with Her Dead Body Lying in the Next Room


The bride at an Indian wedding suddenly collapsed and died before the ceremony could be completed.

Instead, the groom ended up marrying her younger sister on the same day – with the original bride’s body lying in another room.

The incident occurred on May 27 in the village of Samaspur, in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, citing The Times of India.

Guests attended the wedding of Surabhi, a woman from the nearby village of Nawli, and Mangesh Kumar, a guy from the same place.

During the jaimala, a ceremonial flower garlands exchange, Surabhi fainted onstage. According to News 18, a physician who went to her aid eventually ruled that she had died of a heart attack.

However, the celebrations of the day proceeded, although with a new bride. Surabhi’s younger sister Nisha stood in for her during the wedding while her body was being prepared in another room.

What Did the Police Reported in This Case?

Doctors at the private hospital where she was treated believe she may have died from ingesting a deadly chemical, as reported by the PM Palem police.

Early that morning, the youngster reportedly called 911 to report stomach problems; officers responded and took her to the hospital, where she was evaluated and treated.

A Bride Collapsed and Died at Her wedding

The police have stated that the postmortem report is required before any conclusions can be drawn. A report has been filed with the PM Palem Police Department. The probe is being expanded.

On May 11, hours before his wedding, Dinesh, a 28-year-old groom-to-be, reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself at his home in Malkapuram, the city.

A Murder Occurred, as Per the News

Reportedly feeling better, Srijana showed up to her reception around 7 o’clock that evening. At 10 o’clock, only 15 minutes before the auspicious hour, she abruptly slumped on the pandal.

“Right away, she was transferred to the same medical facility. With her condition rapidly deteriorating, she was transferred to a corporate hospital at around 2 in the morning.

On Thursday, at 8:50 a.m., while receiving medical care, Srijana passed away “which is what the ACP was saying.

According to the FIR, Srijana took medicines for three days leading up to the May 8 sangeet function in order to postpone the onset of her period. The cops also discovered dangerous fruit seeds in Srijana’s bag.


Tragically, the bride passed away under mysterious circumstances during the wedding itself.

As the priest was leading the husband to shower cumin and jaggery bits on her head, the bride suddenly collapsed on the wedding platform.

How to Fix ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Google Chrome


If you can’t access any website using Google Chrome and instead receive an error notice that states “This site can’t be reached – The webpage at [website URL] might be temporarily down or it might have been moved permanently to a different web address,” what should you do?

Under normal conditions, the notification should only appear when the site is unavailable. However, if this issue appears regardless of which website you are trying to access, and you are convinced that all of these sides are available, then something is definitely wrong.

How To

The fact that Google Chrome is so prone to faults may come as a surprise. This is due to the fact that Google Chrome is supposed to be a dependable and stable web browser. Do not be alarmed.

It isn’t quite as serious as you may believe. This post contains answers to all of your questions as well as strategies to permanently repair this problem. Continue reading!


Quick UDP Internet Connections, or QUIC, is a transport layer network experimental protocol in Google Chrome. QUIC uses the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to connect two distinct endpoints.

QUIC was created to provide users with security protection similar to Transport Layer Security or Secure Sockets Layer (or TLS/SSL). It was designed to improve the graphics in online games and make browsing more faster. Its key advantages are as follows:

  • Congestion control has improved.
  • Establishing a link quickly.
  • Forward error correction and connection migration

Despite its many advantages, the protocol is still in its early stages. This frequently results in failure. As a result, the user may be unable to access websites affiliated with Google, such as Gmail and YouTube, or other websites.

In Google Chrome, How Can You Cure ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR?

There are a variety of troubleshooting techniques that can be used in this situation. And the error will most likely vanish by the time you’re done with them.

Try loading these websites in a different browser, such as Opera, Edge, Safari, or Firefox, before you start troubleshooting this error.

If these websites open successfully in the new browser, the issue is most likely with Chrome. However, if the error persists, the issue is not with Google Chrome. Check your network one last time and try again.

1. Disable the QUIC Protocol 

This is the most straightforward technique of resolving the problem. It’s possible that it’ll enough, and you’ll be spared from the next steps. Follow the instructions below –

Step 1 – To begin, open your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2 – Move your cursor to the URL bar. Then press the Enter key and type “chrome:/flags.”

Step 3 – When the web page loads, it will display a list of experimental features. Scroll down until you see Experimental QUIC protocol in the Available column. Try typing the name into the search box at the top of this page to make things easier.

Step 4 – Select an option from the dropdown menu next to it. Then select Disabled. A conversation box will appear at the bottom of your screen right away. It will require you to restart Chrome in order for the modifications to take effect. To restart the browser, click the button.

Step 5 – Your Experimental QUIC protocol will be disabled after relaunching Google Chrome. Check to see whether the error persists.

If the problem still persists, try the alternative methods listed below.

2. Remove

Although third-party extensions can improve Google Chrome’s functionality and provide a customised internet surfing experience, they can sometimes cause unexpected errors like ‘ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR.’

When these extensions are unknown or are explicitly developed for blocking page pop-ups, blocking adverts, and so on, the chances of this happening rise tenfold. So, if you want to get rid of this error, disable these extensions and see if they’re the source of the issue. The following are the steps to take:

Step 1 – To begin, open your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2 – In the address bar, type “chrome:/extensions.” Enter the code with the Enter key.

Step 3 – A new page will appear. To disable any of the extensions available, click the toggles on this page.

Step 4 – Finally, restart your Google Browser to see whether the problem persists. If it has vanished, go back to “chrome:/extensions” and enable the extensions you absolutely need and trust.

 3. Temporarily Disable 

The Windows Firewall is in charge of monitoring and restricting network traffic, both incoming and outgoing. Firewall safeguards your private network from harmful programmes and prevents unauthorised users from accessing your computer’s files by doing so.

If your PC already has another security tool installed that does the same job, you may want to disable your firewall, at least temporarily. To do the same, follow these steps:

Step 1 – To enter the Run dialogue, first hit the Windows + R key combination.

Step 2 – Now type ‘Control Panel’ into the search box. Then, either press Enter or simply click OK.

Step 3 – A window will appear on the screen. In this box, in the View by drop down menu in the top right corner of your computer screen, select Category.

Step 4 – After that, select System and Security. Then select Windows Firewall from the drop-down menu.

Step 5 – On the left-hand side of your screen, choose the “Turn Windows Firewall on or off” option. Select it by clicking on it.

Step 6 – To save the changes, click OK at the bottom of the page.

Try accessing the site again after you’ve completed the instructions above. If the issue persists, turn on the Windows Firewall. You can also try disabling Windows Firewall in your antivirus software to see if the error disappears.

If it still doesn’t work, re-enable the Firewall. Because the error occurs when Chrome fails to receive data from your side, you can also follow the steps below to confirm there’s no problem with your proxy or firewall settings. The steps to check the LAN settings are as follows:

Step 1 – Go to the Control Panel in the first step. Then, on the View by drop-down option, select Large Icons.

Step 2 – Next, select Internet Options from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 – A window will appear on the screen. Go to the Connections tab and select LAN Settings from the drop-down menu. Check the settings to make sure there aren’t any issues.

4. VPN

User accounts are differentiated by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Before enabling access to the internet, these ISPs require users to log in by inputting their login and password. By entering into your account, you can disable your proxy or VPN to resolve your QUIC PROTOCOL issue. The steps are as follows:

Step 1 – First and foremost, navigate to the Start menu. Then select Settings.

Step 2 – Select Network and Internet from the drop-down menu. After that, select Proxy from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 – Finally, turn on the “Automatically detect settings” checkbox. After that, click the toggle to disable the “Use a proxy server” option.

Step 4 – Return to the Network and Internet section. Select the VPN option.

Step 5 – Select the connection you want to delete, then click Remove. Then, to confirm your task, click Remove.

If you forget your username and password, you may easily check with your ISP to see if there is a security protocol in place.

5. Go Back to Chrome’s Default Settings

This problem can also be resolved by resetting your Chrome browser. However, you should be aware that this will delete all of your pinned tabs, search engine preferences, and home page.

Your browser extensions will be disabled, and any temporary files, including Cookies and Cache, will be deleted as well. But don’t worry, your saved passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history will all be preserved. The steps to resetting Google Chrome are as follows:

Step 1 – Launch Google Chrome. Then, in the upper right corner of your screen, click the Menu button, and then Settings.

Step 2 – Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Advanced from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 – Go to the bottom of the menu and scroll down. Select “Restore settings to their original defaults” from the Reset and Clean up menu.

Step 4 – Confirm your decision by clicking the Reset Settings button.

Step 5 – Finally, restart Chrome to see whether the error persists.


This leads us to the conclusion of this piece. Finally, that was all we had to say about this blunder.

With ease, follow these simple steps. And these adjustments (described in our post) should take care of the ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR. However, if you continue to see this issue, you can contact Google Support for assistance.

It’s a simple mistake, yet accurately detecting the cause can lead to an immediate solution. We hope you found this post helpful and that it helped you in the best way possible. Thank you for taking the time to read this!