Inconvenient and unpredictability are the hallmarks of ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED. In 2008, Chrome, Google’s own web browser, saw its initial public release. It is a successful application despite the fact that it is up against Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other browsers. According to W3Counter, Chrome has a market share of more than 50%. (as of June 2018).

The brand name Google and Google’s superb marketing campaigns are the primary reasons for Google’s enormous success. Almost all of the company’s advertising is done through its own search engine. However, despite the browser’s excellent performance, it is prone to mistakes, leaving users with perplexing message output.

How to

There was a problem connecting to the target website, as shown by the error message “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED”. The user is kept in the dark as to what caused the issue, making it difficult to remedy. This becomes a near-impossible process due to the fact that the issue is not always caused by Chrome.

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“ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” appears when a user tries to access an online service. Chrome has found a way to prevent the data transfer required to establish a connection. To be more explicit, the browser-server connection was terminated, as indicated by the error name itself. It’s always initiated by the web server or proxy server that processes all the browser’s requests.


There are a variety of ways to fix the error message “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED,” but they don’t give any information about why the connection was cut off, which is the main problem with this message. In other words, there are no simple fixes for this problem. The good news is that there are a number of options that you can test out sequentially. Here are the best ways to fix this problem.

Method 1: Update Chrome

If you don’t have the most recent version of Chrome installed on your computer, you may be unable to access the Internet. As a result, be sure to use the most recent version of your browser. In order to achieve this, simply type the following URL into your browser: Chrome:/settings/help

Then Chrome checks to see if you have the most recent version installed, and if you do, it begins the upgrade process automatically. You’ll notice the message “Google Chrome is up to date” if it’s been updated.

Method 2: Restart the router if necessary if the internet connection isn’t working.

Let’s first examine the internet connection to see if that’s the problem. The network icon in the notification area of Windows can do this function (also called the system tray). The status of your connection can be seen in the same place where you see the nots to which you are connected.

Find “Internet access” if the computer is linked to the internet. Make sure that all of your network devices’ wires are connected properly before trying to troubleshoot. Try rebooting the router by unplugging it from the service for a few minutes (for some time).

As soon as the browser displays the “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” error, switch to a cable connection. It’s because wireless transmissions are susceptible to unexpected disconnections.

Method 3: Resetting the Network Settings

Errors in the TCP/IP setup of the system might potentially cause connection problems that lead to errors. In order to fix these issues, the TCP/IP stack can be reset to its original condition. To use Netshell, you only need to be an administrator and have access to the command line (netsh). Since Windows 2000, it’s been installed by default.

Step 1: Open the Start menu and select Run as administrator to launch the command prompt (Windows icon). Then use the search bar to look for “cmd.” To run cmd as an administrator, select “Run as administrator” from the context menu of the right-clicked search result.

Step 2: After that, you may use the following netshell command to reset the TCP/IP settings:

netsh ip reset int

Make sure to reset the Winsock interface before restarting the computer (Windows Sockets). They serve as the conduit for all communications between applications using Internet Protocol. The Winsock catalogue also includes entries for all established and unsuccessful connections. In the event of a protocol reset, the netshell command-line tool can be used as a workaround. The following is the command:

Method 4: The Proxy Server and the VPN Connections Should be Disabled.

Internet anonymity is possible through the use of proxies and virtual private networks (VPNs). Both solutions are actively involved in the data transmission process and might therefore cause issues. You should disable any of the two bridging methods only for testing purposes if you intend to utilise it. Don’t utilise a virtual private network (VPN). Proxy server deactivation:

Step 1: To begin, select “Internet Options” from the “Tools” menu. It can be accessible via the control panel.

Step 2: Go to “Network and Internet” in the menu that appears once the programme has been opened.

Step 3: Next, select “Connections” from the menu bar. Using the “Remove” option, you can remove any VPN connections you’ve set up. Note that “Add VPN” can be used to re-establish the connection.

Step 4: The “LAN settings” option is used to configure proxy settings. The lower portion of the window houses it.

Unchecking “Use a proxy server for LAN” on the “Proxy server” tab will turn off the proxy server.

If you’ve installed extensions that use a proxy or VPN, you should also remove them.

Method 5: Clear DNS Cache

One of the most critical functions of the internet is the determination of DNS server names. You no longer have to convert domain addresses into numerical equivalents every time you go to a web page. DNS cache entries are created by both the DNS server and the browser.

However, it can lead to technical issues like “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” errors, which can slow down the loading time of a page. An entry will be marked as outdated if it is no longer compatible with the website’s most recent revision. In order to fix this, you can do a DNS flush, which clears the cache of all addresses. The following command can be used to clear the system cache:

/flushdns ipconfig

Clearing the DNS cache in Chrome can be accomplished by following these steps:

Step1: In the address bar, type in the following:


Step 2: The “Net Internals” option menu, which is normally concealed, will now display the DNS settings. In addition to the list of valid and expired DNS entries, here you can find the “Clear host cache” button. The cache can be cleared by pressing this button.

Method 6: Obtaining or Changing DNS Servers by Hand

It is not simply the cache of the used DNS server, which can become a problem. Due to restricted or total server outage, connections may also become inaccessible for some users Error messages emerge as a result of this.

The DNS server’s address is typically provided to you automatically. As a result, your internet service provider will offer you with a local name server. Manually entering the server is also an option. Thus, the “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” warning can be fixed by shifting the name resolution duty to another server. To do this, take these steps:

Step 1: Press “Windows + R” to bring up a list of all currently active network connections. Enter “ncpa.cpl” after that.

Step 2: Right-click on the network connection you’re using to access the internet. Step 2: Select “Properties” from the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Look for “Internet Protocol Version 4” and double-click it to access the protocol’s settings.

Step 4: Leave the IP address settings the same as they were in Step 4. Select “Use these DNS server addresses” under “Use these DNS server addresses.”

Enter the server addresses of your choosing in step 5. It’s a good idea to use the Google servers’ IP addresses (either 8.8.8 or, for example.

Method 7: Inspect and, if Necessary, Deactivate your Firewall and Antivirus Software.

Security software is essential because of the various and varied threats that follow your online activity. These techniques are not foolproof despite the fact that contemporary firewalls, real-time scanners, and other modern security measures are generally excellent

ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED issue can be caused by incorrect setups, outdated application files or software faults. If this is the case, see if fixing the issue involves upgrading these. The firewall and anti-virus software can be briefly disabled and then reloaded to see if it helps.

Method 8: Malicious Code The Chrome Cleanup Tool is a Good Place to Start.

Malware may infect a computer no matter how well-protected it is. Because of this, it is important to ensure that your computer is not infected with malicious software, which is the primary cause of disconnections. It’s for this reason Chrome provides a method for uninstalling all hardware from the browser. To do this:

Step 1: Start by going to the settings page. To do so, pick “Settings” from the three-point sign.

Step 2: In order to access the advanced options menu, touch on “Advanced.”

Step 3: Cleanup tool is found in “Reset and clean up” under the “Cleaning up PC” button. Start the tool by clicking on “Search.”

Method 9: Extensions can be Deactivated or Deleted, Depending on the Situation.

Extensions in Chrome are crucial to the browser’s ability to expand its capabilities. Many free extensions are available on Chrome’s extension store. These add-ons can be really helpful, but they can also cause issues if they aren’t compatible with the current version of the browser. Deactivate an installed extension to see if it is responsible for the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error message.

Step 1: In the browser’s address box, type chrome:/extensions.

Step 2: Then, using the sliders located beneath each extension, make a leftward movement.

When you see the page after disabling the extension, you’ve found the culprit(s) responsible for the problem. Activate each extension one at a time until you locate the troublesome ones, and then click “Remove” to remove them.

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Uninstalling and reinstalling the browser is your final choice if the other procedures indicated above have failed. Nonetheless, be in mind that all of your settings will be lost.