How To Fix: WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) On Windows 10


To monitor the developers used a Windows host management procedure, named as WMI Provider Host WmiPrvSE.

Fix: WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe) High CPU Usage On Windows 10

To fix WMI Provider Host high CPU usage on windows problem, in command Window we have to run a few primary command and restart our PC.


Restarting The Windows Management Instrumentation Service

The first step is to press the Win+ R in the same time from the keyboard. There we will find a run dialogue box, where we need to type services. msc. After wards we need to search for Windows  Management Instrumentation Service.

For this process we just need to choose any of the services and there in the search bar we need to type W just for finding the services that start with word W. There after we just need to scan to find the one that we are trying to find. Then we need to restart the service. In this process we will solve the high CPU usage problem.

Restart Other Associated Services

After that previous process, we just need to go to the start menu then by right clicking on it we will get a menu, from where we have to select the command prompt (admin) option. The next step we have to write some commands in the command prompt window, those are-net stop iphlpsvc, net stop wscsvc, net stop Winmgmt, net start Winmgmt, net start wscsvc, net start iphlpsvc.

And we need to remember it that after typing of each command we need to click the enter button. After this whole process we just need to restart the PC to check the problem is sorted or not.

Perform a Clean Boot To Identify a Faulty Application

The reason behind WMI Provide Host’s high CPU usance can be a app. In this process we will perform the clean boot and set apart that application which is the reason of the CPU ‘s high usage. To perform a Clean Boot there are some steps that we should follow.

Step 1: At first we need to log in the PC with administrator account. Then we need to open the run window by clicking Win+ R at the same time. Into the run window we have to type a command, “msconfig”. Then need to hit the enter button.

Step 2: After this we need to choose the services option and there we will find the “Hide all Microsoft Services” option, which we have to uncheck. Then we will find the disable all option in the right corner, which we have to select and then need to select the ok option.

Step 3: Next step is to visit to the task manager window from the startup tab. Into the task manager there we need to choose the startup option .There we just need to disable those application which is enabled.

Then we have to recommended the computer. By restarting the PC we just done the clean boot. Now we just need to check that the issue is detachedor not. If sorted then the reason behind of the high usage of CPU is the application.

Locate The Process Using Event Viewer and Uninstall It

At first we need to look for the event viewer option, which we will find from the start menu. This is for windows 7 or earlier version users.  If our PC is windows 8 or 10 then the process of finding the event viewer is clicking Win+ X at the same time.

Into the toolbar at the upper part of the Event Viewer window, we need to click View option and simply enable the option to show analysis and debug logs. Then we need to go to the application and services logs then to the Microsoft and next to the windows option and lastly to the WMI- activity.

After this we will find a contextual menu by double clicking on WMI- activity. From the contextual menu we need to select the operational to open the operational logs of WMI Provider Host. In the operational logs we need to find that if there have any errors or not.

If there we found any errors then we just need to display its specifications on the screen’s bottom by clicking on it. Then we just need to search the term Client Process Id in the selected error. Here we just need to remember the number only.

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Then we need to visit to the task manager window. Into the run dialogue box we need to type task mgr and then ok. Afterwards we have to open the services tab and need to find the same process ID just like the number that we have remembered in the Client Process Id. After finding that we need to disable it.

Then need to visit to the control panel and then need to visit to the programs and features. And from there we need to uninstall the program which is the offender. After the uninstalling process the WMI Provider Host will use a minimum amount of CPU.


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